2019 APKTime Install Guide

APKTime APK Installation Guide

Updated 2019 Install Guide ***Newest Install Method***

To see the new 2019 APKTime install guide click here.

Please note:

The below install guides still work. We suggest following the newest guides to get the best install experience. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us or drop us a comment below.

Updated Install Method ***Previous Method-Still Works***

We have recently updated our Easy Builder App to help you install APKTime. Please view the video below to help you install APKTime. This is the absolute fastest way to install APKTime on your Amazon Fire TV devices.

To install APKTime APK please follow the steps below ***OLD METHOD***

You will need the Downloader APK installed on the Amazon Fire TV in order to download APKTime APK.

Step 1– Open Downloader

Downloader APK

Step 2– Select the HTTP:// search bar

Step 3– Type in https://gary3dfxtech.net/apk/ and select Go

Step 4– From the list select APKTime.apk

apktime apk

Step 5– The application will download

Step 6– Once the download has completed select install

Step 7– After APKTime finishes installing click Done

apktime apk

Step 8– Downloader will ask if you wish to keep or delete the file. Select Delete.


Step 9– Return to the home screen

Step 10- To move APKTime to the front select “see all” from the second row or by pressing and holding the home button on the Fire TV Remote and selecting Apps.

Step 11– Scroll to the bottom of the apps list.

Step 12– Highlight APKTime and press the three line button on your Amazon Fire TV Remote. Select Move to Front.

Step 13– Return to the home screen to see APKTime at the front of the list.


Congrats your APKTime application is now installed and ready for use. Please see our installation guides for more information on how to use this app.

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