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Digital Antenna TV Users: You Need To Re-scan Your Channels

Many cord cutters use digital antenna tv to access their favorite channels for free. Through digital tv, users are able to access their local channels for news and popular Prime Time shows. Through recent FCC airwaves auctions, some of your popular channels may be changing.

Here’s What You Need To Know

Digital antenna tv users will need to start rescanning their channels over the next two years. Each channel should be scanned individually as a simple one time scan will not work. You need to rescan multiple times in order to receive the updates.

The National Association of Broadcasters has created a handy website ( to guide viewers through the process. Be sure to use this link to search for channel changes in your area. Again, these updates are scheduled to take place over the next two years and are subject to change so be sure to check back regularly.

When Are Digital Antenna TV Channels Moving?

By Law, starting this fall (2018) channels will start moving, however, this process will go into the spring of 2020.

How Can You Update Your Channels?

The process for rescanning your channels is simple. In order to ensure you get your channels to update please follow these simple steps. Remember each channel has its own time to be scanned so please check with to see when you should scan your individual channels.

  •  Using your tv remote
  •  From your tv settings click menu
  •  Select setup/antenna
  •  Select Channel Scan (Please note that it may take several scans to receive the updates)

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