watchfree streaming service

WatchFree Streaming Service

Another Free Streaming Service:

WatchFree streaming service was announced today by Vizio. This new streaming service is coming to Vizio TV’s. The new service is brought to you by Pluto. It will contain many of the same channels as Pluto TV. Vizio TV’s already have access to the free streaming application Pluto TV. The WatchFree application will be integrated into the Vizio Tv’s offering more content than the current Pluto TV App.

Pluto’s CEO announced:

“Powering VIZIO’s WatchFree service is a pivotal next step in our goal to deliver free, premium entertainment to as many consumers as possible,” states Tom Ryan, co-founder, and CEO of Pluto TV. “From hit TV shows to blockbuster movies, news, sports, lifestyle and more, WatchFree is a gamechanger for cord-cutting enthusiasts.” (Tom, Ryan)

As of today, it is not clear if WatchFree users will have the same access to Video on Demand as Pluto TV users do. They will have access to many TV categories and movies.

Source: CordCutters

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