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Government Shutdown Streaming Deal

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Anyone Affected By The Government Shutdown

CuriosityStream is providing support to furloughed federal employees and anyone else who might be affected by the government shutdown. As we all know this shutdown could last for an extended period of time, and as it stands currently there is no end in sight.

Thanks to CuriosityStream’s you can get two months free by using their promo code shutdown. By using this promo code during signup you can get a free 2 months of unlimited streaming that includes over 2,000 documentaries and series on the best in science, history, nature, technology, society and lifestyle.

If you have been affected by the government shutdown you can go to CuriosityStream’s website and signup using their promo code shutdown to take advantage of this great deal.

CuriosityStream’s Info:

  • Stream an unlimited amount of content every month
  • Enjoy your content any time & anywhere via web browser, mobile app, TV or tablet
  • Explore more than 2,000 documentaries & shows, including award-winning originals
  • Discover new favorites w/ personalized recommendations
  • Browse collections & lists curated by CuriosityStream’s expert team
  • Works on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, LG Smart TVs, Xbox One, Android, 7 iOS.

All plans include:

  • Unlimited watching across multiple devices
  • High Definition quality (or better)
  • Worldwide access
  • 7 days free to check it out

Want To Test CuriosityStream’s?

Currently, you can stream a selection of their programming for free. To access this free content simply visit their website by clicking here. Keep in mind these free episodes do contain ads however they are free to watch.

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