How to Increase Your Internet Speed

How To Increase Your Internet Speed – IPVanish VPN

Are you getting slow internet speeds while using IPVanish?

Most likely you have noticed a decrease in your internet speeds since connecting to IPVanish VPN service. Most people see their internet speeds cut in half. This is to be expected however there are things you can do to increase your internet speeds. Did you know that your ISP can be throttling your ports? Did you know that your hardware affects your internet speeds?

Through testing, we have found that changing several settings will double if not triple your internet speeds. Of course, this all depends on your internet package. From our test, we can confirm that with an internet package of 200Mbps download speed using the amazon fire tv stick 4k you can increase your speeds upwards of 80Mbps download speeds while using a VPN! At these speeds, you should be able to stream 4k content in UHD while using a VPN!

Say goodbye to Kodi buffering issues while streaming 4k content!

How to increase your internet speeds

To increase your speeds you will need to perform the following steps. Please keep in mind that some of these settings you may need to play around with to see which one works best for you. You can compare speeds by running a speed test on your device.

  • Open IPVanish VPN App
  • If you are currently connected go ahead and disconnect
  • Click on Settings
  • Turn off scramble
  • Click on VPN Protocol
  • Select UDP first. UDP is faster since it doesn’t require acknowledgment, unlike TCP. So for streaming UDP is the preferred method. If UDP produces slower speeds you can use TCP. Run a speed test using both to see which one works best for you.
  • Select Port
  • First, select port 443 and see how that works. You should notice a huge increase in speed. If port 443 doesn’t work for you try port 8443. Again run a speed test to see which port works best for you.

How to check your internet speed

If you are using an Amazon Fire device simply search for speed test. There are several apps available for download. If you are on a PC you can go here to run a speed test.

Remember your internet speed is limited to your internet subscription and the hardware that you use to access the internet. Speed results will differ. By following the guide above you should see an increase in speed. If you are not getting an increase take a look into your device’s hardware. You may need to upgrade your device.

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  1. Just a reminder: You can switch servers on IPVanish. We suggest selecting a server near your location and try selecting a server that has a high load. High load means that the server is operating at the best speed since most users are connecting to it. You can view server loads by going to IPVanish website>account>servers. Try to find a server that works for you.

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