Netflix Price Increase

Netflix Price Increase

Another Netflix Price Increase?

Netflix is in the process of increasing its prices in the United States. This doesn’t come as a shock as Netflix is investing in new programs.

All of the plans will see a $1-2 price increase over the next few months. This will most definitely affect current Netflix subscribers. Current subscribers should expect to see the price increase within the next few months. Any new Netflix subscriber will automatically get charged the new price. Netflix’s $8 plan will go to $9, and its $14 plan will be increasing to $16.

Just last year Netflix reported that they spent $8 billion. This past October Netflix announced that they would be taking on another $2 billion in debt. With all the spending Netflix has been doing this new price increase will sure help keep its investors happy.

New competition?

This new price increase from Netflix is coming just as new streaming services have been announced. Just recently Disney+ was announced to be releasing this year and we can surely expect to see a new streaming service being announced through Apple later this year.

Another competitor coming into the streaming market is NBCUniversal who announced they would be releasing their own streaming service in 2020.

How do you feel about the new Netflix price increase? Will you be keeping your subscription or moving on to another less expensive streaming service? Let us know!


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