Top 5 Best Streaming Apps of 2019

So Many Streaming Apps!

With so many streaming apps available how does anyone know which are the best streaming apps? Without testing each and every app you will never be able to know which ones work best. We have done the hard work for you! Through weeks of testing, we have compiled a list of the BEST streaming apps around.

The top 5 best streaming apps of 2019 are all compatible with any Android device. They are standalone APK’s that do not require you to have Kodi in order to use them. This is one reason why we recommend these apps over others. Having to launch Kodi, go through length repo installs, launch the app inside of Kodi, and find what you are looking for can be tiresome. With our top recommended APK’s you can simply install them onto your device via our Easy Builder App. No longer do you need to use Kodi! You can get the same great content faster by using standalone apps!

Our Top 5 Best Streaming Apps of 2019

1.) Cinema

Best Terrarium Alternative


Cinema is by far the best alternative for Terrarium. If you are looking for a Terrarium alternative then this Apk is exactly what you are looking for. Cinema offers a similar layout to Terrarium. You can access your favorite movies and TV shows all in one simple user-friendly layout. One of the best perks is that this app is extremely fast. From our tests, this app loads faster than Terrarium. You can also use your Real-debrid access. Subtitles as of writing this do not work within this app.

2.) Cyberflix

CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV is a new App that has quickly become very popular amongst streamers. You may notice that this App is very similar to Terrarium TV. That’s because CyberFlix TV is a clone of Terrarium TV. There are several clone versions of Terrarium TV floating around since Terrarium shut down. We have found that CyberFlix TV is the best Terrarium TV replacement. Although this is a clone there have been many updates to this App making it better than Terrarium. The developers are adding more high-quality links so that you can watch your favorite shows in HD quality. It’s also worth noting that this App works extremely well with Real-debrid.

3.) TVZion

TVZion Install Guide

TVZion is a popular streaming app that is gaining popularity fast! With TVZion you can watch all of your favorite TV shows, movies, and more. The layout is similar to most streaming apps. It closely resembles the Cinema APK. One thing that sets TVZion apart from most streaming apps is that it can automatically play your selected TV show or movie. By the standard setup, it will automatically play an episode or movie after 5 playable links have been found. You can edit the settings in TVZion to allow more or fewer links required before it auto-plays.

You also have the option to use your favorite media player like MX Pro. TVZion works extremely well with a Real-Debrid account enabled. We have found that by using Real-Debrid you quickly gain more links with higher quality. One downside to TVZion is that links can be slow to load. However, with a Real-Debrid account setup on TVZion, you will find that you can access links faster than without an account.

4.) Tubi

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an absolutely free App located within the Amazon App Store. Tubi offers a wide variety of Movies and TV Shows. Most of the content within Tubi TV is older content. Through testing, we have found that Tubi TV works extremely well with absolutely no buffering. Of course, the buffering is dependant on your internet connection. As long as you have a great internet connection you should not experience any buffering issues.

If you are just getting your new Amazon Fire TV devices setup this App is definitely worth getting. Finding an App that doesn’t buffer and offers great content is hard to come by. Tubi TV is one of our top rate Apps for streaming! What makes this App even better is that you can install it to your device right through the Amazon App Store! No need to use third party Apps!

5.) Area51 IPTV

Area51 IPTV

Area51 IPTV is by far one of the best IPTV services around. With their low prices of as little as $7/month, it’s hard to beat. The developers of Area51 are constantly upgrading their app. You now have the option to choose your own media player, upgrade the app within the app, DVR service, and much more. Aside from the easy to use app, you are getting 1000+ channels. From movies, TV shows, 24/7 channels, music, sports, and much more. One benefit of Area51 IPTV is you get PPV events for free with the purchase of your subscription. For $7/month you will never miss out on another UFC or other PPV event.

Want Better Streaming Links?

You’ve probably noticed that most of the apps we recommended are compatible with Real-debrid. If you want better quality links with faster loading times we highly recommend that you get Real-debrid. You can purchase this service for only a few dollars a month. It’s highly worth the low cost! Try it out today!


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