TVZion Developer Takes Action

Free vs. Paid

Most streaming apps today come in two forms. The first is a free version which is what most users first access. The free versions of these apks support ads. Without ads, you could almost guarantee that these apps would not remain “free”.

For those who wish to get an ad-free version of their favorite app then you can purchase for a fee the pro version of that app. Pro versions offer an ad-free experience, bonus content, and most certainly better streaming links/quality.

Here at Myfirestreams we most certainly suggest that you try out the free versions before you purchase the pro version. We do not condone using “free pro version” of apks. Free pro version? Yes! As streaming apps gain popularity knock-off versions start becoming available. These versions are a cloned version that allows you to access the paid version (pro) for free.

Using a free pro version hurts the developers of the app. They put in countless hours of work and most certainly spend a lot of money to keep the apps running/maintained. As cord-cutters it’s our responsibility to promote/support these app developers. Stealing their content is highly looked down upon.

TVZion Free Pro App

Recently, you may have noticed that a “Free Pro Version” of TVZion was released. The free version offers you an ad-free experience as well as getting the benefits from TVZion’s Zionclub. The developer of TVZion responded to the moded version of their app.

Due to the high number of YouTubers and Bloggers linking their content to the modded app the developers are looking at taking action to prevent this type of activity. In a recent Reddit post the developers stated they are looking into three penalties for users accessing the modded version:

1. “Log mod users for IP addresses, timestamps, and content accessed and keep this information to be used as I see fit if it ever comes to that.”

2. “Crypto-mining- Mine crypto currency in the background. From my experience this’ll only overwork the device for very little money.”

3. “Use device as proxy – This will essentially turn their device into a proxy server which will be rented to others.”

Should I Still Use TVZion?

If you are using the modded version (Free Pro Version of TVZion) then we highly recommend that you STOP using that app. You are not only hurting the developers but you are hurting yourself as well. Although the developer’s penalties are just speculation at this point it is still something that should be taken seriously.

Here at Myfirestreams we only link our content to the free versions of apps. From there users can choose whether or not to buy the paid version. We want to keep cord cutting free so we try to help promote developers content so that it remains free.

If you are using TVZion with ads then you having nothing to fear. Continue using their service just as you normally would. If you downloaded and installed TVZion through our site you should have the “Free Version with Ads”.

Still Unsure About TVZion?

You can always delete the app if you are uneasy about the developer’s comments. We suggest that you ALWAYS use a VPN when streaming from third-party apps. Never allow your device to leak your IP address. By using a VPN service like IPVanish you are hiding your IP address from developers like TVZion as well as your ISP. This recent threat by the developers of TVZion should make it clear that everyone needs a VPN service.

Protect yourself today by getting our number one recommended VPN service IPVanish! Use the banner below to get IPVanish. Currently, IPVanish is on sale so from now until 1/28/19 you can get IPVanish for 66% off.



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