Haystack TV

Haystack TV Free Local And World News

Tired of having to use so many apps?

Haystack TV might just be the one app your looking for. With Haystack TV you can gain access to 200+ local and world news channels all for free. You can easily watch all of your favorite sources from this one app.

One of Haystack’s best features is being able to follow local news and weather. With Haystack TV you simply enter in your location, follow sources/topics, and you are presented with everything in one location. This app is personalized to your liking! Stop using so many apps and personalize your streaming experience!

Haystack Features:

  • Watch local & world news from 200+ trusted TV channels for free
  • Get all the trending news in a single place
  • Multiple channels including Current Events, Tech, Politics, Business, Finance, Celebrity Gossip and more
  • Follow your favorite topics and sources

Haystack Description:

Haystack TV lets you stay current with:

  • The latest politics, local, national and world news from top news organizations such as CNN, Fox, AP, MSNBC, NYTimes and the BBC.
  • Highlights and news about your favorite sports including the MLB, NFL, and NBA.
  • The latest celebrity news and gossip on our dedicated entertainment channels such as TMZ and Buzz60.
  • Business news and financial news from the companies, stocks, and sectors you care about.
  • The latest tech news, including new gadget announcements, car news, and more from CNET and The Verge.
  • Your favorite video game updates and release announcements.
  • Late Night laughs with hosts such as Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, and Conan.

How to install Haystack TV:

Haystack TV can be installed by simply running a search from your Amazon Fire TV home screen. Once you access the Amazon search simply type in “Haystack” and click on Haystack from the search results. Next, simply click on the Haystack app and click once more to get the app.

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