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How To Get Amazon Device System Info

Unsure about what Amazon Device you have?

You may be surprised about how many people are unsure about what Amazon device they have. This can happen due to users buying a used device or simply receiving the item as a gift. Well no matter what the case is you can now easily find all the information about your device with one app.

Informer was created from the developers of the Downloader App and can quickly be installed by using the Amazon App Store. This app will quickly scan your device and give you a detailed list about your device. You can quickly find out what your model is and generation along with several important stats including hardware specs.

More importantly, by using the Informer app you can scroll through recent updates that were installed and get more information about what the updates are. This feature will save you from having to search online to review recent patch notes. With just the click of a button, you can get all the information you need.

How to install the Informer App:

  • From the Amazon home screen click on the search icon at the top

  • With search pulled up type in Informer

  • Select Informer from the search results under Apps & Games

 Amazon Device

  • On the Informer App page select Get

  • Once the download and install finishes click Open

  • You can now see your devices information as well as update notes.

 Amazon Device

  • Enjoy!
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