How To Install Exodus Redux on Kodi v18 **2019-Updated**

What is Exodus Redux?

Exodus was one of the most popular streaming add-ons for years. Eventually, Exodus was shut down by its developers. This shutdown left many users looking for other options to replace the popular streaming service.

Exodus Redux is a new version of the popular streaming add-on. It has become extremely popular amongst the old Exodus users and some find it better than ever! So what makes Exodus Redux so popular amongst Kodi users? Simply put, Exodus Redux offers a huge selection of movies, TV shows, and more!

Currently, there are two versions of Exodus floating around; Exodus V8 and Exodus Redux. As of writing this, Exodus Redux seems to be the better choice. Both versions of Exodus are considered 3rd party add-ons thus they are not affiliated with Kodi in any way. If you are currently looking for a single add-on for all your streaming needs we highly suggest you install Exodus Redux on Kodi v18 today! This add-on has it all and you will quickly find that it will be your go-to add-on!

How To Install Exodus Redux on Kodi:

To install Exodus Redux simply follow the video guide below. Be sure to enable add-ons from unknown sources on Kodi!

If you don’t have Kodi v18 installed on your device yet simply follow our Kodi install guide to get Kodi v18 up and running on your favorite devices!

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