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As of 4/13/19, the Myfirestream Easy Builder App (FileLinked) has been updated with the latest versions of all the APK’s. We have made a few changes to the layout of our app. Our recommended apks have now been placed in categories to better help users find which app they are looking for.

After making these changes we noticed that the changes were not taking effect within Filelinked. To ensure that you are getting the latest apks and the most recent version of the Myfirestream Easy Builder app please ensure that you update the Filelinked app. Please note that you will first need to uninstall Filelinked and reinstall it to get the most updated version. If you have trouble updating please comment below so that we can assist you with your update.

How to update:

To update Filelinked please follow the steps below.

    • Uninstall the previous version of Filelinked. Once it’s uninstalled follow the steps below or the installation steps here.
    • Open the Downloader app
    • In the address bar enter
    • Your download will now start
    • Click install
    • Once the install finishes click done
    • Click delete to remove the download file from Downloader App
    • Return to the Amazon home screen and open Filelinked
    • Enter in the Myfirestream Easy Builder App code 76394002
    • Click continue
    • Congrats you now have the most recent version of our App
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