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Vader Streams IPTV Service 2019 Review

Vader Streams is no longer in service. For other IPTV services see our IPTV section on the above menu.

Vader Streams IPTV service is one of the most popular IPTV services. As with most IPTV services they offer mostly the same content. What sets different IPTV providers apart is the quality of their services. If you have tried other IPTV services you may have noticed that not all providers provide the best quality. In some cases, you may even notice that channels don’t work or constantly buffer.

Area51 IPTV is our number one recommended IPTV service. Their quality is top notch and you can’t beat the price. The main issue with Area51 along with other IPTV providers is that they are limiting the number of subscriptions. Many cord cutters are having a hard time getting an IPTV subscription due to this.

Just like with Area51, Vader Streams limits their subscriptions as well. As of writing this, Vader Streams is currently taking new subscriptions. Due to the recent availability of subscriptions, we decided to give Vader Streams another shot. In the past, their service has not always been reliable. It made for the perfect backup IPTV service but compared to Area51 it lacked the same quality.

So What’s New With Vader Streams IPTV Service?

Right from the start, we noticed an increase in loading times with Vader Streams APK. Within a few seconds of launch, Vader Streams was loaded and ready to be used. This included the download and install of the TV Guide. Compared to Area51, Vader Streams IPTV is loading faster. The quality of the streams are very good and I would be willing to say they are just as good if not better than Area51 IPTV service.

From our extensive testing, we have not encountered any broken streams or buffering issues. This came as a shock since in the past Vader Streams was known to have buffering issues. With all the updates they have made since our last review it’s clear that they are offering superior quality streaming! They are currently offering more 1080p and 720p content than any other IPTV service provider!

Are you a sports fan? If so Vader Streams IPTV service will definitely meet or exceed your expectations. They are currently offering over 150 sports channels including PPV! Vader Stream TV has content from all over the world in several languages is included. USA, Canada, the UK including Premium channels. Latino, European Countries, Southeast Asian countries, and Arabic channels. Access to all major sports broadcasts and PPV’s.

What Other Content Does Vader Streams Offer?

Unlike other IPTV services, Vader Streams offers on-demand movies. If you are familiar with other IPTV providers you may remember a popular service called SETTV. SETTV was very popular a few years ago however they were quickly shut down due to them offering on-demand content. After the courts ruled against them many IPTV providers including Area51 removed their on-demand content.

It is highly likely that in the near future Vader Streams will suffer the same fate as SETTV. We always suggest that when you purchase an IPTV service you purchase your subscription on a monthly basis. This will ensure that you will not lose out on a lot of money if they are shut down. This issue regarding on-demand content should not deter you from purchasing Vader Streams. We just want you to be informed that this could become an issue in the future.

Aside from on-demand content, Vader Streams also offer TV Catchup. This works exactly like a DVR service. You can quickly scan through about a weeks worth of content for each channel. This is a great feature that most IPTV providers don’t offer. Just like with a DVR service you can fast forward through commercials during your playback which makes for a better streaming experience.

Another popular feature is Matchcenter. This section of Vader Streams displays all live sporting events on one centralized location. Not only can you view live event but you can see scheduled events as well including the time left before the event starts.

So What’s The Catch?

With any IPTV service, you will face certain issues depending on several factors. The biggest factor is your internet speeds and network load. If you have a fast internet connection you will get the best possible streaming experience from this service. If you have slow speeds you can expect to run into buffering issues.

As stated earlier you may run into issues where the IPTV provider shuts down thus causing you to lose your subscription. Cord cutters run into these types of issues all the time. Whether it’s from other standalone streaming apps like Terrarium or Apps on Kodi like Genesis you are always taking a risk when you switch from cable to IPTV. Again, we always recommend that you purchase services on a monthly basis.

Aside from general issues, you might face when it comes to your internet connection and network load there really isn’t a catch. Vader Streams IPTV service is working great as of writing this post. All of their channels seem to be working with great quality streams and no buffering.

The only catch is the price. Compared to other IPTV services Vader Streams comes at a premium price of $15/month. However, with all the content that you are given access to including the on-demand content, we feel this pricing is fair. It’s cheaper than any cable subscription and it comes in at a lower price than other IPTV services like SLING TV. If you are looking for a decent IPTV service we highly suggest checking out Vader Streams IPTV. If you are not sure whether or not you wish to buy their service you can purchase a one day trial for only $4. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


We will be posting a detailed Vader Streams install guide soon!


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