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Best Streaming Apps June 2019

Not much has changed over the last few months. There have been a few new apps to arrive however they are by no means any better than what was already around. We highly suggest you check out the following apps if you haven’t already. These streaming apps are the best streaming apps around as of June 2019.

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Best Streaming Apps as of June 2019:

Best Terrarium Alternative

Cinema has become one of the most popular streaming apps around. Known today as the new Terrarium Alternative Cinema offers everything you will ever need. Cinema offers high-quality links most in 1080p HD quality with some 4k titles as well.

Cinema does support the integration of both real-debrid and Although Cinema is constantly updating the quality of their links, we suggest that you use your real-debrid account to get a better streaming experience.

Want to install Cinema? Check out our Cinema Install Guide.


CyberFlix TV

Since the fall of the most popular streaming app, Terrarium, many clones have popped up but have failed. Cyberflix has successfully cloned Terrarium TV and has become popular amongst many previous Terrarium TV users.

You will find that both Cyberflix and Cinema are very similar however with recent changes Cinema has simplified its GUI which is why we still recommend Cinema over most apps.

What separates Cyberflix from Cinema is the quality of links. If you do not have a real-debrid account you will notice lower quality links while using Cyberflix. For this reason, we highly suggest that you use a real-debrid account to get the most out of Cyberflix.

Want to install Cyberflix? Check out our Cyberflix Install Guide.

Protect Yourself While Streaming:

You should always use a VPN service while using free or low-cost streaming services. Your ISP is watching your online activity! A VPN will hide your online activity from prying eyes as well as protect you from online hackers who are out to steal your information.

By using a VPN, your activity will be encrypted and your IP address will remain 100% anonymous.

Myfirestreams highly recommends using the worlds fastest VPN service IPVanish. Get IPVanish today for as little as $6.49/month.

Already have IPVanish but need to install it? Head on over to our IPVanish Install Guide for an easy to follow step by step guide.


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