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Free Wi-Fi

Free WiFi Comes At A Cost: Are You Prepared?

Free Wifi is widely available and many travelers are on the lookout to save on their data plans. This brings many risks that can become costly in the end.

One thing to keep in mind when using free Wi-Fi is that you should never assume that your connection is safe! No matter where you are connecting whether it be from an airport, restaurant, or other hotspots, if you are using free Wi-Fi you are putting your data at risk. It was recently reported that free Wi-Fi concerns are at the top of the FBI’s concern list when dealing with travel scams.

Hackers can easily intercept your online activity when you are connected to a free Wi-Fi hotspot. This is one reason hackers love public wireless networks.

Never do the following!

Anytime you are connected to another network that is publicly accessible you should always avoid the following:

  • Never access your bank accounts while connected to public hotspots
  • Never do any shopping online that requires you to enter in your credit card information
  • If you feel the information is personal, don’t send it!

Another tip most of us tend to forget is to completely sign out of a website you may be logged into. Most individuals simply exit out of the session they are in. This can leave you vulnerable to attack! Always make sure you log out whenever possible.

Lastly, always ensure that you are using multiple passwords! Never use the same password for any account! If one account becomes compromised then all of your accounts are at risk.

So how can you protect yourself when accessing free Wi-Fi?

One simple way to protect yourself is to never connect to public Wi-Fi. Using your data plan (4G/LTE,5G) will grant you the greatest protection since those networks are not easily hacked. You may be asking yourself isn’t there a better way?

Yes! The safest way to protect yourself no matter what connection you are using is to use a VPN service. Using a VPN simply means that any data sent across the network goes through an encrypted tunnel. That means your online activities will always remain private so that no one else can see your web traffic!

According to Symantec, 75% of consumers don’t use a VPN to secure their connections!

Using a VPN is something everyone should be doing! Whether you are streaming your favorite movie, purchasing off Amazon, sending emails, or simply browsing online you are putting yourself at risk! Always use a VPN!

So what VPN should I use?

There are many VPN providers out there but before you jump into a decision you should do your homework on these companies.

Some VPN providers keep log files of your online activities. This simply means that your data is not secure! We have taken the time to review several VPN providers and after careful consideration, we only recommend two.

IPVanish and IVacy both offer a great VPN service that can easily be set up on any device! So no matter if you are at home or traveling worldwide you can always ensure that you have a valid VPN connection to keep your data secure! Neither of these services keeps log files so your online activities are always 100% secure from prying eyes.

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