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Is FuboTV Really Worth The Price?

Are you are a soccer and football fan looking for ways to watch popular sporting events like the World Cup? FuboTV is a service that you may wish to look into.

Of course, there are many different services out there from Sling TV to Hulu and more but what sets FuboTV apart from these services is their sports channels. With FuboTV their main focus is on their sports options, as well as their range of popular non-sports channels.

Through FuboTV users can access streams via their mobile devices or web apps.

What channels can you expect to get with FuboTV?

FuboTV offers many of the standard channels as other services do with an option to add on more content. Aside from your standard subscription FuboTV offers addon packages consisting of Fubo Cycling, Fubo Extra, International Sports Plus, Sports Plus, Adventure Plus, Showtime, AMC Premiere, NBA League Pass, Latino Plus, RAI Italia, and Portuguese Plus. These add on packages do come at an extra cost and you can select which ones you want.

Standard plans without any addons have the following channels:

For a full channel list including all addon, channels click here.

FuboTV cost?

As it was stated earlier, FuboTV offers a standard plan along with several add-on options. These addon’s range in pricing depending on the package you select. To see a full price guide see the results below:

  • Standard Plan (with 7 day trial)$54.99
  • Cloud DVR Plus$9.99/month
  • Family Share$5.99/month
  • Fubo Cycling$11.99/month
  • Fubo Extra$5.99/month
  • International Sports Plus$5.99/month
  • Sports Plus$8.99/month
  • Adventure Plus$4.99/month
  • Showtime$10.99/month
  • AMC Premiere$4.99/month
  • NBA League Pass$28.99/month
  • Latino Plus$7.99/month
  • RAI Italia$7.99/month
  • Portuguese Plus$14.99/month

So is FuboTV really worth the cost?

If you are a sports fan then you may find that FuboTV is a better option than other services. Although Sling TV, Hulu, and more offer similar services, FuboTV has a better all-around sports package.

Paying for this service will ensure that you get a better streaming experience with no buffering compared to other IPTV options. If you currently have FuboTV or plan on getting it please let us know what you think about this service. Have you tried other services like Sling TV? Do you believe the price is fair? Let us know!

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