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Airplay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

How To Setup Airplay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

What is Airplay?

As most of you already know, Apple is a proprietory. Apple only wants you to access services using an Apple device with an Apple-approved service. You may have heard of services like AirPlay before. AirPlay is a service that Apple devices can use to stream audio and video between electronic devices. The way of accessing this content is similar to accessing streams like Pandora or YouTube. The only difference is that the content you are streaming is located on your local network.

Using AirPlay, you can play media from a single AirPlay source, like an iPhone or iPad. Using this service with a compatible device will allow you to stream it to multiple AirPlay devices on the same network. This includes the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV.

AirPlay works by its two main components which are a source and a receiver. The source is the device that has AirPlay-enabled software which allows it to stream media using AirPlay. The second component is the receiver. The receiver is an AirPlay-compatible device that can play the stream from the source. Along with the stream that either consists of audio or video, AirPlay receivers can also display track information. Tracking information can include subtitles, song titles, a song artist name, and more.

How does AirPlay work on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV?

Amazon Firestick/Fire TV users looking to stream audio and video to their Fire device using an iPhone or iPad can accomplish this by using an app called AirPlay&UPnP. This app turns your Fire device into an AirPlay receiver! The install process is very simple since you can directly install it using the Amazon App Store.

Once you have AirPlay&UPnP installed on your device it only requires setting up once. Simply open the app for the first time and make changes based on your needs. A few of the most common settings that should be edited/enabled are:

  • Enabling AirPlay
  • Enable AirTunes  Audio
  • Enable Google Cast & DLNA
  • Another feature you might want to add is a custom name. Simply edit the Device Name under advanced.
  • You can enable security if you want that feature. By default, it is turned off however you can enable it and either set a password or a PIN.

Under advanced settings, you can find more features that can be edited such as screen resolution and size.

How to install AirPlay&UPnP on Amazon Firestick/Fire TV:

Using your Amazon Firestick/Fire TV remote simply do the following:

  • From the home screen click search at the top. Alternatively, you can press the Alexa voice icon on the remote and say “AirPlay”. Alexa will automatically search the Amazon App Store for the AirPlay app.
AirPlay Search
  • Once the search results are shown look for AirPlay&UPnP
AirPlay Search Results
  • Select AirReciever (aka AirPlay&UPnP)
  • Once you are on the apps main page select Get to start the install process
AirPlay Download
  • When the download finishes either click open to start the service and edit settings, or return to the Amazon home screen and open it from there.
  • During the first time opening the app, you will be asked to allow or deny. Click allow
  • Once you have everything set up and enabled the services you want you are good to go. If you ever run into issues with AirPlay&UPnP simply reopen the app and restart the service from the menu setting

Connecting a device to your Amazon Firestick/Fire TV using AirPlay:

To complete this step you will need access to a device that will be used as your AirPlay source. For this example, we will show you have to use an iPhone/iPad and a NAS (Network-attached storage device).

  • With the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV turned on and AirPlay set up open your iPhone/iPad
  • Depending on your device either swipe up from the bottom or down from the top to bring up the devices control panel
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV
  • From the control panel options select “Screen Mirroring”
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV
  • You should see your AirPlay device from the list. This could be the default name or the name you gave your device during setup
  • Click on your devices name to start the connection
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV
  • You will now see on your TV a mirror of your device. On your AirPlay source aka iPhone/iPad, you will see and option to stop mirroring
  • You can now stream video and audio to your Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

Accessing a NAS device using AirPlay:

To access a NAS device using AirPlay do the following:

  • Open the AirPlay&UPnP app
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV
  • From the list select DLNP DMP or Samba Client
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV
  • You should now see a list of NAS devices (Network-attached storage devices)
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV
  • Simply click on your NAS and begin streaming right from the AirPlay&UPnP app!
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV
AirPlay On Amazon Firestick/Fire TV

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