shark week 2019

What You Should Know About Shark Week 2019

Shark Week 2019:

You may have seen reports about the recent shark attacks on Americas East Coast. Thought you were safe? Think again! Sharks will soon be swimming on televisions across the country. Shark week 2019 is scheduled to start on July 28th and will run through August 4th.

This year marks Discovery Channels 31st consecutive year of Shark Week. With anticipation building, watchers can expect to get more than 20 hours of shark-related shows during this year’s Shark Week. Shark Week 2019 promises to bring all new shark stories, insights into the depths of the ocean, a feature-length film based on a true story, and epic battles between predators and prey!

What time does Shark Week air?

During this year’s Shark Week you can catch all the live action by tuning into Discovery Channel starting at 8 p.m.ET/PT. After the main shows end you can tune into “Shark After Dark” which will begin on select days starting at 11 p.m. ET/PT. Shark After Dark will dive into the highlights from the night as well as showing previews for the next days programming.

Shark Week is exclusive to Discovery Channel! Don’t have the Discovery Channel? No need to fear! You can catch this year’s Shark Week by subscribing to an IPTV service like Area51 or Streams For Us IPTV. If you don’t mind waiting you can use popular streaming apps to view the shows after they have aired. For popular streaming apps click here.

Shark Week 2019 Schedule:

Sunday, July 28

8/7c: Expedition Unknown: Megalodon

9/8c: Shark Trip: Eat. Prey. Chum.

11/10c: Shark After Dark

Monday, July 29

8/7c: Sharks of the Badlands

9/8c: Legend of Deep Blue

10/9c: The Sharks of Headstone Hell

11/10c: Shark After Dark

Tuesday, July 30

8/7c: Sharkwrecked: Crash Landing

9/8c: Laws of Jaws: Dangerous Waters

10/9c: Air Jaws Strikes Back

11/10c: Shark After Dark

Wednesday, July 31

8/7c: Extinct or Alive: The Lost Shark

9/8c: Capsized: Blood in the Water

11/10c: Shark After Dark

Thursday, August 1

8/7c: Return to Shark Island

9/8c: Great White Kill Zone: Guadalupe

10/9c: Monster Mako: Perfect Predator

11/10c: Shark After Dark

Friday, August 2

8/7c: Isle of Jaws: Blood Brothers

9/8c: Andrew Mayne: Ghost Diver

10/9c: I Was Prey: Shark Week

Saturday, August 3

9/8c: Sharks Gone Wild 2

10/9c: Shark Week Immersion

Sunday, August 4

All day: Best of 2019 Shark Week

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