Streams For Us IPTV Recurring Payments Update

Streams For Us IPTV Update Notice:

Recently, Streams For Us IPTV posted a notice on their website pertaining to recurring subscription payments. Prior to this notice, anyone who signed up automatically joined an auto-recurring payment method for their subscription.

Auto payments have officially been discontinued for your subscription package. Users now must manually pay their invoice to keep their subscription active. Five days prior to the end of your current subscription you will receive an invoice that must be paid manually before the end of the subscription. Failure to pay this invoice will result in your account being terminated.

As most of you know, IPTV services limit subscriptions. Failure to pay can cause you to not be able to reactive your service! Make sure you keep an eye out for your invoice which will arrive in your email 5 days before the end of your current subscription. You can always login and pay early if you wish, however, we suggest waiting until you receive an invoice.

Here is a statement from Streams For Us IPTV update relating to recurring payments:

Effective immediately we will no longer auto charge your payment method on file for your renewal invoice. Invoice is generated 5 days prior to being due howver you must now manually pay the invoice prior to expiration to avoid service interruption.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 – Streams For Us IPTV


Streams For Us IPTV:

This new IPTV service is making its mark in the IPTV market. Compared to other popular services like Area51 IPTV, Streams For Us IPTV puts them in a run for their money!

Streams For Us IPTV offers great HD quality streams with no buffering. Along with standard streams consisting of local, sports, PPV, entertainment, 24/7, and more Streams For Us IPTV also offers movies on demand.

Want to know more? Check out our Streams For Us IPTV review.

How To Install Streams For Us IPTV On Fire Devices:

To install Streams For Us IPTV simply follow the guide below. You will need to use our Easy Builder App to install this app. You can learn how to get our Easy Builder App by clicking here.

  • Open the Myfirestreams Easy Builder App (aka Filelinked)
  • Enter in the Myfirestreams code 76394002
  • Click continue
  • Dismiss the banner popup
  • Scroll down the list and locate Streams For Us IPTV (Located under the IPTV category)
  • Click once to start the download
  • When the download finishes click once more to start the install
  • When the popup appears click install
  • Wait for the install to finish
  • Once the install finishes return to the Amazon Fire TV home screen
  • Press and hold the home button on the Fire TV remote for 3-5 sec and select Apps from the menu
  • Locate Streams For Us IPTV
  • Press the three-line button on your Fire TV remote and select Move To Front
  • Return to the home screen
  • Open Streams For Us IPTV (App should be at the front of the list on the home screen)
  • Once the app opens check your email from Streams For Us IPTV so get your Username and Password
  • Enter in both your Username and Password
  • Click login
  • Congrats you have successfully installed and setup Streams For Us IPTV. Enjoy!
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