YouTube Returns To Amazon App Store

YouTube is officially back!

After almost two years, YouTube has made its return to the Amazon App Store! Users are now able to start downloading and installing the new YouTube app on their Amazon Fire TV devices!

Due to an ongoing feud between Amazon and Google, they have officially come to a compromise! We didn’t foresee this feud lasting nearly two years but we are extremely glad these two power companies were able to come to a compromise.

The compromise, in short, is that YouTube is allowed back into the app store in exchange for Chromecast integration within the Prime Video App. This also means that Prime Video will be allowed on all Android TV operating systems.

So what does this mean for Amazon Fire Stick/TV users?

Before, Fire TV users were only able to access YouTube by sideloading the app onto their devices. This process was not only time consuming but left some users unable to gain access to the app.
We are proud to say that now anyone with an Amazon Fire Stick/TV can easily install this app onto their devices by simply using the Amazon App Store. To install the new YouTube app on your devices simply search for “YouTube” and click install on the app page.

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