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Cinema HD APK

Cinema Streaming App Issues/Broken?

Are you having issues with the Cinema Streaming App?

For the past couple of weeks, many users have seen issues with Cinema, UnlockMyTV, Cyberflix, and more. Users have reached out to us with concerns that these apps are no longer working or possibly shut down. Don’t worry the Cinema streaming app issues you are seeing have an easy fix!

Rather than responding to every request, we have decided to cover this problem via this post. Mainly during the evening hours while using the apps listed above users would be presented with an error. The error message would state “sometimes server has died because many people access at the same time, sorry for the inconvenient”. See an example of this error message below:

Cinema Streaming App Issues

Although we do not know for certain why you are seeing this error we can only suspect that it’s due to server issues. Servers can only handle but so much before they become overloaded thus resulting in errors such as this. During the evening hours, many users are accessing this content all at the same time which can greatly reduce server speed and reliability. One issue these streaming apps face is that they are all a “Clone” of each other.

These Clones or also known as “Forks” all share the same server. This results in not only an increase in server load but it can also cause a server overload. You can guarantee that if you are facing this issue with Cinema then you will get the same results when using the cloned/forked apps like UnlockMyTV and Cyberflix.

How to do you fix it?

The developers of these apps should be increasing their server limits to help combat this issue however this may not happen as servers can become expensive. For end-users, we suggest that you have backup apps installed. Ensuring that you have a reliable backup option will help you overcome these errors and ensure that you will be able to access the content you want when you want.

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