Area51 IPTV Update

Area51 IPTV Update Notice September 2019

Still hurting from the Xtreme Codes shutdown?

We recently reported on the Xtreme Codes shutdown that resulted in over 90% of IPTV services to be shutdown. This attack caused over 50 million users to go without their paid IPTV services. Since the shutdown, some services continue to run while others have yet to make a return. So what does this all mean?

Currently, there is no answer. A lot of IPTV providers are not responding to requests, and new subscriptions have been terminated. With some services like Area51 IPTV still working users are reporting limited channels and buffering issues. This is to be expected. The staff at Area51 recently sent out a notice that states:

While work to get everything back online you may notice a few things. Certain streams are not being updated or fixed. This is due to the fact, like many others services, we do not have the software/tool in place to do these things. We are getting closer each day but we are running into bugs that need to be fixed so we can come back 100%.

Some may be worried that their services will get cut off or time lost may not be honored. Rest assured that all due invoices will automatically be paid so there will be no gap in service, as well as not making you responsible to pay for service during a time it was not fully functional.

We appreciate your patience and understaning while we go through this process to sort issues and restore service as soon as possible.


Should you continue to pay for IPTV Services during the outage?

Making the decision on whether or not to keep your current subscription can be tough. Currently, as it stands, there is no guarantee that your IPTV service will come back. Ending your current subscription will almost guarantee that you will not be able to get a new subscription once services come back online.

Most users are keeping their current subscriptions that work even if they have limited use. This option will ensure you that once all the issues get sorted out you will have access to your IPTV service. Keep in mind, that Area51 and some other IPTV services WILL continue to get automatic payments! If you want to stop payment we highly suggest that you stop payment through your payment method ex. PayPal. During this outage, users can’t access their client portal on the Area51 website!

Although we cannot say for certain if you should keep or get rid of your IPTV services we do have one important suggestion. ANY USER who uses ANY IPTV SERVICE needs to have a VPN service. By using a VPN you will hide your online activity from prying eyes including those who are out to take down IPTV services.

Not all VPN plans keep users 100% secure. End users should do their homework before making a decision on which VPN provider to go with. We have taken the time to find the best VPN provider on the market. IPVanish is not only one of the fastest VPN’s around it also offer NO LOGS! No logs? Yes! Many VPN providers keep log files of your online activity and that information can be used against you! ALWAYS go with a VPN provider that doesn’t keep log files!

You can get IPVanish by clicking the ad below. Once you have an IPVanish subscription come back and check out our easy to follow install guide!


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