Best Streaming Apps September 2019

Best Streaming Apps September 2019

Each month we compile a list of the most popular streaming apps for both movies and TV. These apps are proven to give users the best streaming experience with both high quality and reliable streaming links.

Not much has changed in the streaming market since August. One big change is that UnlockMyTV has gained a lot of popularity even though it is a clone of other APKs. There are two different versions of UnlockMyTV floating around and through our research, we have found that the UnlockMyTV clone of “Cinema” is by far the best app for streaming movies and TV.

As we reported earlier, one issue users may face when using UnlockMyTV is that if one APK goes down then so will UnlockMyTV. This is a result of being a cloned APK. We highly suggest that users keep several streaming apps on their devices in case one goes down. Having a backup option is something all cord-cutters should do.

Several updates have been released and all cord-cutters should update these APKs as soon as possible. Failure to update could result in errors and broken links. You can easily update these by using our Myfirestream Easy Builder app. We do our best to keep these APKs updated to their latest versions. If you have trouble installing an update you may need to uninstall the outdated version of the app first. If you have any issues with updating an APK please contact us.

Best Streaming Apps For September 2019:

Cinema Apk Update 2.1.1

New Cinema Apk Update 2.1.1 Released

Cinema APK Update 2.1.1 The developers of the popular streaming app “Cinema” are constantly pushing out new updates. Recently, the developers released version 2.1.1. If you have been having trouble accessing content while using Cinema it could be that you…


UnlockMYTV – Best Ad Free Streaming App Firestick/Fire TV

What is UnlockMYTV? UnlockMYTV is a direct clone of Cinema APK. The biggest difference between these two APK’s is that UnlockMYTV does NOT have any ads. Normally we do not recommend using cloned APK’s. However, Cinema has terrible Ad support…

CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV on Firestick/FireTV CyberFlix TV is a new App that has quickly become very popular amongst streamers. You may notice that this App is very similar to Terrarium TV. That’s because CyberFlix TV is a clone of Terrarium TV.…


New Streaming Service Coming Soon!

Apple's new streaming service

Apple’s New Streaming Service For $4.99

New Streaming Service? Apple just announced that they are taking on top streaming competitors like Netflix and Hulu by offering its own streaming service called Apple TV+. We reported on this previously however we were left without a price. Apple…


Other Popular Streaming Apps:

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