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Windows 10 HEVC

Get Windows 10 HEVC H.265 Video Codec Free

Windows 10 users are upset! And they should be!

Normally, we do not cover this type of content however since it does relate to streaming/video we felt we should share this information before it gets removed.

Microsoft originally included HEVC with Windows 10 however around the release of the new iPhone Microsoft removed this codec from Windows 10 without any notice! Now Microsoft Windows 10 users must pay $0.99 to get access to the HEVC codec. It is very ironic that Microsoft pulled this from Windows 10 when the new iPhone was released! You can form your own opinion regarding this.

So should you pay the $0.99 to get access to the HEVC codec? NO! You may be surprised to learn that there is a “hidden” section to the Microsoft Store. Within this hidden section, you can download the HEVC codec for FREE! This is the same Microsoft Store that many Windows users are accustomed too the only difference is you must have a direct link to access this product. You cannot simply search for the HEVC codec using the Microsoft Store search. If you run a search through the Microsoft Store you will be presented with the “paid” version of this app.

So how do you get the HEVC codec for free?

HEVC Codec Download Notice

This method is no longer working 1/6/2022

You can get the HEVC codec by simply typing in this address into your browser This link will take you to the HEVC video extensions from Device Manufacture page of the Microsoft Store aka “Hidden Store”. Once you arrive on the store page you will be asked to log in. You can disregard this action by simply clicking on the “x” to close the popup.

Next, you will need to click “Get” to start the download. This action will open up the Microsoft Store App which comes installed on Windows 10. Once the store app opens you will need to click “Get” and then “install”. After clicking install the HEVC codec will be installed on your Windows 10 PC for free!

As of writing this post, this “hidden” store page is still active and users can freely download the HEVC codec. I would assume that Microsoft will be removing this from the store in the near future.

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