Has Your IPTV Stopped Working? Learn Why

The issues facing IPTV service providers has been resolved.

You may have noticed recently that both Area51 and Streams For Us IPTV services have stopped working. We will be coving all of that information in this post however before we begin please read the following statement.

To all Myfirestream website users. We have received thousands of emails regarding paid services that include IPTV. Myfirestreams does NOT nor will we ever offer any paid services, including IPTV. All information accessed through our website is for informational purposes only. We strive to provide our users with the most current information regarding cord cutting and educational guides for setting up such services. Although we do promote these services we are in no way affiliated with any paid services. We have a list of affiliates that we are associated with. You can view those affiliates by clicking here. If you haven’t already please read over our terms of service as this information has already been disclosed. From this point forward we will NOT be responding to any request about IPTV or any other paid services. If you have trouble getting an APK setup on your device we will be glad to assist you in those matters. If you have questions about a bill, payment, and/or service related issue you will NEED TO CONTACT YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER.

IPTV stopped working?

Over the last week, many users have reported that their paid IPTV services have stopped working. This was due to a crackdown on Xtream Codes. Italian law enforcement along with several other countries commenced the crackdown operation on Xtream Codes.

Xtream Codes is a popular IPTV software service company with millions of users worldwide. Surprisingly Xtream Codes is NOT an IPTV service provider. Xtream Codes offers the software that runs IPTV. Due to this recent crackdown on Xtream Codes, it has caused nearly all IPTV services to be shutdown. If your IPTV services have stopped working you can guarantee that it is a result of this crackdown. Some IPTV providers have multiple hosting servers used as a backup. You may find that these services still work.

Think you are alone? You’re NOT! This crackdown has impacted over 50 million IPTV users worldwide! Currently, it is unknown which IPTV services use the Xtreme Codes software. There is light at the end of the tunnel. IPTV service providers can use other software. This would require them to switch their entire system and there is no telling if or when certain IPTV providers will do this. Time will only tell.

Here is a comment from Area51 IPTV service regarding this issue:

IPTV Stopped Working

All IPTV users should be patient during this time. Again, this is affecting millions of users worldwide and there is no timeline for a fix. Users should note that many of the IPTV service providers that are working are NOT taking in new customers until they have migrated completely to a new system.

We will be updating this post as new information is released. In the meantime please comment below letting us know which IPTV services are working for you so that we can put together a list of working IPTV services.

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IPTV not working

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