IPVanish Cybersecurity Awareness Month Sale

Cybersecurity Awareness

Did you know that October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month? Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an annual event that is focused on helping educate individuals, businesses, and communities about the current risks in cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity is now more important than ever. We currently live in a technical and connected world. From our daily use of devices including streaming devices to IoT (internet of things), keeping our information safe should be a top priority.

IPVanish takes part in Cybersecurity Awareness Month each year as part of its initiative. Through this IPVanish sale, new users can start protecting their devices and themselves at an all-time low cost!

Is A VPN Really That Important?

Do you really need to protect your streaming devices? YES! Most of you are using third-party apps to access content including movies and TV shows. When you access third party content you are putting your information at RISK!

Additionally, you may be surprised to learn that your ISP can throttle your internet connection. In most cases, ISP throttle connections of users who use too much bandwidth which results in slower speeds for their neighbors. To help keep internet speeds equal ISP’s will throttle some connections to help increase speeds of others.

By using a VPN you will ensure that your ISP is unable to trace your online activities! When connecting through a VPN, users can rest assured that they can stream their favorite content without worry! All cord-cutters should be using a VPN at ALL TIMES!

Protect yourself and your devices! With IPVanish all customers get the utmost protection and the fastest VPN speeds around! Unlike other providers, IPVanish DOES NOT keep log files! Don’t be fooled by other VPN providers. Most VPN providers keep log files of your online activities and in some cases, they WILL turn over your files which can be used against you!

Get the upmost protection from the world’s best VPN provider! 

IPVanish Sale Details:

From October 1st until October 31st new customers can get IPVanish for as little as $4.12/month! This is a 66% savings! Don’t miss out on this sale as there is no guarantee it will return!

  • Offer: 2-years of VPN for $4.12/mo.
  • Audience: New users
  • Dates: Offer ends 10/31 at 11:59 pm UTC

IPVanish Sale

After getting your new savings, visit our easy to follow IPVanish install guide to start protecting your devices!

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