Cinema Apk Update 2.1.1

New Cinema Apk Update 2.1.1 Released

Cinema APK Update 2.1.1

The developers of the popular streaming app “Cinema” are constantly pushing out new updates. Recently, the developers released version 2.1.1. If you have been having trouble accessing content while using Cinema it could be that you are in need of an update.

Although Cinema usually notifies you when there is a new update this might not always be the case. We have noticed that between the new version and the old one there was no notification about an update. Once we learned about this new update we set up our Myfirestreams Easy Builder App to be directed to the newest version.

If you are not sure which Cinema version you are currently running you can do the following. Open Cinema and look in the top left-hand corner. Beside the title “Cinema” you will see a version number. Please ensure that this number is 2.1.1. If you see anything other than 2.1.1 then you should update your app.

How to update Cinema APK to version 2.1.1

Before you can begin the update you must first uninstall the old version of Cinema.

To uninstall Cinema:

  • From the Amazon home screen press the home button on your remote for 3-5sec.
  • Select “Apps” from the list
  • Scroll down through your app list and locate Cinema
  • Highlight Cinema and then press the three-line button on your remote
  • From the menu select uninstall
  • Confirm the uninstall and wait for it to finish
  • Once it finishes Cinema should no longer be visible within your app list

After you have uninstalled Cinema from your device you will need to use our Myfirestreams Easy Builder App to update Cinema to the newest version. To get Cinema APK update 2.1.1 simply follow this install guide below.

To install Cinema version 2.1.1:

  • Download and install the Myfirestream Easy Builder App then continue with the steps below
  • Open Filelinked
  • Enter the Myfirestream Easy Builder App code 76394002
  • Click continue to open the Easy Builder App
  • Click dismiss on the popup
  • Locate Cinema on the menu and click once to start the download
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Once the download finishes click once more to start the install process
  • Click install
  • Wait for the install to finish
  • Once the install finishes return to the Amazon home screen
  • Congrats you have successfully updated Cinema APK to version 2.1.1
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