Area51 IPTV

Area51 IPTV Update Notice October 2019

Area51 IPTV Notice

Since the Xtreme Codes crackdown took place IPTV subscribers have been reporting many issues. The Area51 IPTV service provider has been aware of these issues and they have been working hard to help bring IPTV back to its customers.

Unlike other IPTV providers, Area51 has done an excellent job keeping their clients updated during this time. Today the staff from Area51 sent out an update notice letting their customers know where they stand. Below you will find a copy of this notice from Area51:

Area51 IPTV

As you can see clients now have direct access to their client area on the Area51 website. Before today users have been reporting that they were not able to access their client area to modify or pay their subscriptions. Area51 shutdown their website during the outage so that they could focus solely on fixing their IPTV service.

If you would like to access your client area you can click here to directly access the Area51 service providers website. As they stated during this update notice, all users should reframe from placing support tickets for broken channels. Area51 staff is fully aware of this problem and they are continuing to work hard to fix all of these issues.

Myfirestreams is not affiliated with any IPTV service including Area51. All users should direct their concerns to their IPTV providers. We will continue to update you all as we get more information.

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