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Disney Plus Streaming Service

Is Disney+ Worth The Price?

Disney+ has been out for awhile now and since it’s release it has come with both positive and negative reviews. In this post we are going to go over both the pros and cons with this service along with giving you our thoughts.

So is Disney+ really worth the price?

Depending on your preference you may find this service not up to your standard. Although Disney+ offers a lot of content it is lacking for the average adult streamer. They do have a small selection of 4k content however most of the content offered is something you have more than likely already seen.

For adults with kids we have found that Disney+ is a great service and worth the price! Ever wanted to go back and watch a classic Disney movie or wanted to pass on your favorite films with your kids? If that’s the case Disney+ has everything you will need!

However, when you look at the Disney+ service as a whole you really see how much this service lacks. For $6.99/month you are really not getting the best bang for your buck. Don’t let this discourage you though! Currently, Disney+ has partnered up and is offering a bundle package which includes Hulu, and ESPN+ for only $12.99/month!

Getting the most for your money!

Unless you are somone who only wants access to the Disney content then you should most definitely go for the bundle package! From single adults to families getting access to all three services has something everyone can enjoy! What’s even better is the price. Hulu already starts at $5.99/month so for $6 more you can have a great cord cutter setup.

With Disney+ you can catchup on all the classics, while keeping up with your favorite shows and movies using Hulu, and for those sports fans out there ESPN+ has a ton to offer!

Our Recommendation

For starts who doesn’t love a good classic Disney movie? That alone is worth the starting price of $5.99/month. If going with the standard Disney+ plan we can’t say that we would keep this service for more than a few months unless a ton of content gets added.

We do suggest that anyone who loves a good classic Disney movie get the bundle package as you can take advantage of the other two services. You are basically getting one service for free! With the Disney+ bundle package you are on a monthly billing cycle with no contract so if at anytime you get dissatified with the srevices you can choose to make changes or completely end your service.

Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback. Do you think Disney+ is worth the price?

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