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Best VPN For Streaming 2020

IPVanish is by far the BEST VPN for streaming in 2020!

Are you a long time cord-cutter or someone who has recently decided to make the switch from cable to streaming? Are you currently protected?

Most new cord-cutters are unaware of the risks and the consequences that can follow. By using the best VPN you can guarantee your safety. ALL cord-cutters should be using a VPN at ALL TIMES!

Why protect yourself by using a VPN?

Simply put without a VPN your privacy is at risk! Today, privacy is of the utmost importance when accessing content online. Do you really want to leak your identity to unknown lookers?

Top risks of not using a VPN:

  • Your ISP can see your online activities
  • ISP can and will throttle your internet connection leaving you with SLOW INTERNET!
  • Hackers can easily track and steal your data
  • Legal action could be brought against you

Benefits of using a VPN:

  • Your data is always secure
  • Online activities are hidden from onlookers (ISP, Hackers, etc.)
  • Access content that is GEO blocked
  • Using the best VPN (IPVanish) you get 100% privacy with NO LOG FILES!
  • With IPVanish you get fast VPN speeds
  • IPVanish offers a huge sever selection!

New file protection included with IPVanish!

IPVanish is now offering SugarSync so that their customers can start protecting their files. When it comes to online security the best approach is a multi-approach.

With a VPN you can protect your online activities at all times. Using IPVanish’s SugarSync users can now take a more direct approach by protecting their most sensitive data.

With SugarSync IPVanish users can:

  • Safeguard photos, videos, files, and other sensitive data
  • SugarSync provides secure file storage, syncing, sharing, and backup
  • Remote data wiping capabilities, SugarSync can also protect your data in case of device loss or theft

Best VPN Deal for 2020!

Currently, new customers can get IPVanish for $4.12/month! Included in this deal is SugarSync! Start taking a multi-approach to protect yourself by getting setup with this new IPVanish deal.

IPVanish Sale Details:

  • 2 years of VPN + Secure Storage for $4.12 per month
  • New Users only
  • Offer ends January 31, 2020

Get the BEST VPN Service including File Protection today! Use the link below to get started:

Looking for an install guide? We have you covered! Visit our install guide section for help.

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