How To Get Free OTA TV Without Antenna in 2021

Can you get free OTA TV without an antenna? YES!

For cord-cutters getting access to local free OTA channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc. is extremely important. Although these channels are free to the public, they require that you purchase a tuner and/or antenna to pick up these local channels.

Sadly, for some cord-cutters getting a good signal from an antenna can be troublesome especially if you live in an area that is surrounded by trees or one that is far away from the broadcasting station. These issues can be resolved by purchasing a high-end antenna however this can become quite expensive and there is still no guarantee that you will get access to all of your local stations.

Some of you may have learned that stations like NBC, ABC, etc. have their own streaming apps which can be downloaded from the app store on your devices. This is a good backup option however who wants to have to switch between multiple apps just to find something to watch? Wouldn’t it be much easier if all of your content could be accessed from one central location? With Locast you get just that!

Locast Explained:

Locast is the perfect streaming app for OTA channels. If you are currently facing issues with your OTA channels whether it be from missing channels, no signal issues, or simply don’t have access to an antenna then Locast is the solution for you! What’s even better is Locast is 100% free! We do suggest that donations are made so that this service will remain “free” however this is not required. Curious about what all Locast has to offer? Check out their statement regarding their services below.

Locast is a public service to Americans, providing local broadcast signals over the Internet in select cities. All you have to do is sign up online, provide your name and email address, and certify that you live in, and are logging on from, one of the select US cities (“Designated Market Area”). Then, you can select among local broadcasters and stream your favorite local station. is a “digital translator,” meaning that operates just like a traditional broadcast translator service, except instead of using an over-the-air signal to boost a broadcaster’s reach, we stream the signal over the Internet to consumers located within select US cities.

Ever since the dawn of TV broadcasting in the mid-20th Century, non-profit organizations have provided “translator” TV stations as a public service. Where a primary broadcaster cannot reach a receiver with a strong enough signal, the translator amplifies that signal with another transmitter, allowing consumers who otherwise could not get the over-the-air signal to receive important programming, including local news, weather, and of course, sports. provides the same public service, except instead of an over-the-air signal transmitter, we provide the local broadcast signal via online streaming.

You need a broadband Internet connection for optimal performance. Using a laptop, smartphone, or computer connected to the Internet, point your browser to to sign up. You then can choose which local broadcast station to watch from your Internet-enabled device.

Current Cities Supported By Locast:

How to get Locast:

Locast can simply be installed on your device by installing the app from your device’s app store. Currently, you can get access to Locast on most of your devices. See the list below for supported devices.

Amazon Fire Devices Guide:

  • On your Amazon Fire device go to search
  • Type in Locast and select the Locast app from the search results
  • Download the Locast app
  • Open the Locast app
  • Upon loading, you will be asked to activate your app. Simply follow the instructions on the screen to gain access.
  • Once you enter your streaming code your service will be activated.
  • Enjoy!

Having issues getting Locast to work? Feel free to contact us.

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