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How To Upload Your Custom Kodi Build

Uploading your Kodi Build to your custom Kodi Wizard is a very simple process. The hardest and most time-consuming part is putting your build together. In this guide, we will not focus much on creating a Build but more so on how you can use your Kodi Wizard to push out your build.

Before you begin make sure you have already completed our guide on how to make a custom Kodi Wizard. You will need this in order to push out your builds.

A basic guide to creating a custom Kodi Build:

As we stated earlier, we will not be focusing too much on how to create a Kodi Build in this guide however, we will show you the basics.

There are several ways of extracting and gathering the needed files to create a custom Kodi Build. In this tutorial, we will use the simplest method.

  • Using a PC download and install Kodi
  • Now that you have Kodi installed you can start customizing
  • We suggest starting with a premade build. Simply install any kodi build to get started. If you want you can use our repo and wizard to install a build of your choice.
  • Once you have the build installed you are already halfway done making the build
  • You can go a step further and customize the menus, addons, images, and so forth. For this guide we will not be showing you how to do this.
  • Now that you have a build installed and maybe you made a few customizations. We now need to take this “custom” build and create the build files.

How to create the Kodi Build file:

  • Once you have your build setup the way you want it you can close Kodi
  • We need to first locate the “kodi” files on our PC
  • Using the search feature on your computer type in %AppData%

  • Open up the AppData folder
  • If you scroll down the list you will see Kodi
  • Open up the Kodi folder

  • Here is a list of the files needed to create our custom build file.
  • Select the addons, media, and userdata folders

  • Right click and select add to archive

  • Winrar will now open up. In the Archive Name box type in the name of your build (your choice)
  • Under Archive Format ensure that you select ZIP

  • Click OK
  • This will create the zip file of your Kodi Build

  • Move the zip file to your desktop or another location

How to upload your Kodi Build

  • To upload your Kodi Build we suggest using Dropbox
  • Go to Dropbox’s website and create an account if you already don’t have one
  • Once you account has been created, upload the zip file of your Kodi Build
  • In dropbox select the uploaded zip file and click share
  • Copy the link

Editing your Builds.txt File you created earlier:

The Builds.txt file gives your Wizard the necessary information for your builds. You created this file in our guide how to make your own kodi wizard.

Before you can begin, login to your hosting server (where ever you uploaded your Kodi Wizard to). Find the builds.txt file on your server and click edit. (You can also make a new builds.txt file just make sure the file name is “builds.txt”).

  • With the builds.txt file opened up in Notepad++ we need to edit this information to match our custom build
  • For name=” ” you need to create a custom name for your build. Ensure you enter the name between the ” “
  • For version= ” ” edit this to show the version number of your build. We suggest starting with 1.0
  • For url=” ” paste the url of the sharded zip file from dropbox. If you don’t have it already copied go back to dropbox and click share on the build zip file you uploaded earlier. Then paste it in the url section between the ” “
  • The next line we need to edit is Kodi=” ” type in the version of Kodi your running for your custom build. 18.0 for this example
  • For adult=” ” type in either YES or NO depending on if your build has adult content
  • Lastly, for description=” ” type in a description of your custom build. Just make sure the description is between the ” “


You have now linked up your new custom Kodi Build to your Kodi Wizard. You should now be able to access your build within Kodi using your Kodi Wizard.

If you are downloading this build on a new device it should automatically pull up the build once you install the wizard. Just make sure you always click on “fresh install” this will prevent any conflicts from occurring.

There are a lot more customization you can make such as adding your own gui fix, icon, fanart, preview (YouTube), and more. We will cover this advanced info in a later guide. For now you should be able to add your custom builds to your wizard and start pushing them out to other devices.

Keep in mind, if you want to add more than one build you must include all the lines from name to description in the builds.txt. Just copy your current code, paste it below the current build, and edit it to represent your second build. You can have as many builds as you want in your Wizard just make sure you have the proper information in your builds.txt file.

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