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How to upload your Kodi Wizard

By now you should have completed the first part “How to make your own Kodi Wizard“. This guide is intended to show you how to properly upload your Kodi Wizard to your hosting server.


You should now have a folder called “Completed Kodi Wizard” or whatever you named yours. In this file you should have the following files:

  • Unzipped edited plugin.program file
  • Zipped file of the edited plugin.program file
  • Addons.xml file
  • Addons.xml.md5 file

If you are missing any of these files please return to the previous guide before continuing as your Kodi Wizard will NOT work.

Creating the necessary files for upload:

In order to get our custom Kodi Wizard up and running we need to add a few files. These files are extremely important!

Creating our builds.txt file:

  • Open up Notepad++
  • Click file>new
  • Copy this code into Notepad++


name="Example Build 1"
description="A short description of the build."
  • We now need to edit this code to represent our Kodi Wizard
    • On line 1 “id” change this information to plugin.program.WHATEVERNAMEYOUUSED (if you can’t remember check your zip file name or addon.xml. We named our plugin.program.myfirestreams
    • Line 2 “version” be sure to put the same version number here that you picked for your addon.xml file (aka your Wizard)
    • Lastly, on line 3 “zip” change this to represent where you will be hosting your zipped file of your Kodi Wizard. For us its

Lines 5-17 are for your Kodi Builds. When you add a Build to your wizard you will need to edit this information accordingly. We will discuss this in Part 2.

  • Now that you have edited your builds.txt file you need to save it.
    • Click file>save as>builds.txt
    • Ensure you save it inside the Completed Kodi Wizard folder you made earlier

Almost finished!

Creating a .htaccess file if you don’t already have one on your hosting server:

We will be using this .htaccess file to hide files from being seen inside of Kodi.

  • Using Notepad++ click file>new
  • Copy the following code

# Hide files of type .png, .zip, .jpg, .gif and .doc from listing
IndexIgnore *.png *.jpg *.gif *.txt *.xml *.html *.md5
  • This will Ignore files of certain types. Currently we are using this code to hide everything but our zip file. So inside of Kodi or through a web browser you will only see our zip file.
  • Click file>save as>
  • Name this save as .htaccess
  • Save this file inside of your “Completed Kodi Wizard” folder.

Giving our Kodi Wizard an image and icon:

In Part 2, we will be covering more customization for the Kodi Wizard. For now we will use the standard images files that came with your free open source files.

  • In your “Completed Kodi Wizard” folder
  • Open your unzipped plugin.program.WHATEVERNAMEYOUUSED file

  • Copy the fanart.jpg and icon.png files

  • Paste these inside of the Completed Kodi Wizard folder

Time to upload!

How to properly upload your custom Kodi Wizard files:

Before you can upload your files you need to have a web host/sever already active. If you do not have one there is a free option.

Free Web Hosting:

If you do not have your own domain name ( or hosting company you can get both free from

Upload the files:

  • On your hosting site go to your file manager
  • Open file manager so you can upload your files

  • Under Public_html folder upload the following files

    • Inside of your Completed Kodi Wizard folder select
      • plugin.program.WHATEVERNAMEYOUUSED zipped file
      • addons.xml
      • addons.xml.md5
      • .htaccess
      • builds.txt
      • fanart.jpg
      • icon.png

  • Upload all of these files inside of your Public_html folder

Congrats your custom Kodi Wizard is now live!

You can now access your Kodi Wizard using Kodi:

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to Settings>system>addons
  • Turn on “apps from unknown sources”
  • Go back to Settings
  • Click on Files
  • Add new
  • Enter in your address to your Kodi Wizard. In this example we used
  • Enter in a name of your choice and click Ok
  • Go back to Settings
  • Click Addons
  • Click install from zip
  • Locate the name you just gave the file in Kodi
  • If you successfully completed the Kodi Wizard guide you should see plugin.program.WHATEVERNAMEYOUUSED file.
  • Click on plugin.program.WHATEVERNAMEYOUUSED
  • Kodi will now unzip the file and start the install
  • When it’s finished your new custom Kodi Wizard should automatically show up!

Be sure to see Part 2 of the guide for more customization options! Also, check out how to add your custom Kodi Build to your Kodi Wizard.

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