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Are you currently having trouble finding the best Kodi 18.5 builds for your devices? Unlike standalone APK’s, finding the perfect setup for Kodi can be challenging especially when it comes to file sizes. One of the biggest issues users face when it comes to Kodi is not only broken builds/addons, but the size of the builds.

Build size is especially important and it’s something all users should be mindful of, especially those who are currently using Amazon Firesticks. It seems that with many of the builds floating around that most of the developers try to cram as much content into the build as possible. Although this is great for content it does hinder some users experience.

We recently decided to implement a few changes here at Myfirestreams so that we can help limit the headache that comes with cord cutting. Not only have we released our Premium Content section but we have officially setup our own Kodi Wizard and repository!

The Myfirestreams Official Kodi Wizard and Repo:

Over the past few months we have been receiving a lot of emails regarding which services are the best, including users trying to gather more information on how to setup their devices. This led us to thinking about how we can further assist users in this matter.

What better way than to give our users a quality hassle free streaming experience that they can fully enjoy without having to worry about setup/maintenance?

This led us to creating our own Kodi repository with included Wizard! By installing our repo you can easily gain access to the best Kodi 18.5 builds and more without any hassle. By using one of our builds you will only be required to initially setup the build. After the build has been installed we take care of the rest!

Our Wizard:

With the official release of our Kodi Wizard you can easily gain access to two of the most popular builds. More Kodi builds coming soon!

We have taken the time to fully setup each of these builds customizing them so that users can get the most out of their streaming experience using Kodi. Through our Wizard, you can easily transfer your Real-debrid account, Trakt account, favorites, super favorites, and more without losing anything! In just a few clicks, anyone can easily install one of the builds above while having all of their data transferred over to the new build!

By using the official Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard you not only get access to the most popular builds but you never have to worry about maintaining your setup. Through our repo we can easily make the necessary updates and push them out to you with the release of a new version. You will only be required to click “update”!

If you are tired of going through numerous builds trying to find the perfect one then give the Myfirestreams official Kodi Wizard/repo a try!

Currently Included Builds:

The first build included is our take on the popular Xanax Kodi build.

Xanax, is not a great option for smaller devices like the Amazon Firestick. This build is packed with content that is surely to peak the interest of anyone. Xanax currently take advantage of two popular Kodi addons, The Crew and Numbers.

Through these two main addons, Kodi users can easily watch the favorite movies and TV shows including those in 4k! This build integrates well with both Trakt and Real-debrid and both can easily be setup with just a couple of clicks.

Learn more about the Xanax Build here.

Next, is the popular Nolimits Lite build. This build is great for any devices that lack in storage space. For devices that only have 1GB or less of storage it is highly recommended that you go with this build rather than Xanax.

We have taken the time to fully customize this build so that users can get the most out of it. We decided to take advantage of another popular addon “Venom”. Users can easily watch their favorite content using the Nolimits Lite build.

Remember, while addons and builds constantly change you can sit back and enjoy life while we take care of the rest. As things change we will update our builds, Wizard, and repo so that all you have to do is click “update” and never miss a beat when it comes to cord cutting.

How to install the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard:

In order to to install the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard you must register for a free “Subscriber” account. The Subscriber account is the same account as a user account. In the future we will be requiring that all users seeking install guides be at least a subscriber of Myfirestreams.

If you don’t already know, we have just released our Premium Content section. This content requires that you signup as a Premium Member which will give you unlimited access to our Premium Content sections. Currently, Premium Members can easily learn how to create their own Kodi Wizard and Repo. Want to start pushing out your own Kodi Builds? Check out our Premium Membership or Premium Trial today!

If you are ready to install the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard, click the button below to register for a FREE subscriber account.

Signup/Register Signup/Register

After, registering you can proceed to Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard install guide.

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