Myfirestreams Premium Content

Myfirestreams Premium Content Early Release

We are pleased to announce that we have officially released our Premium Content page here at Myfirestreams! Starting now, you can signup to receive premium access to our most sought after content!

What is Myfirestream’s Premium Content?

The Myfirestream’s premium content section is for paying members only. In this section users can find some of the most sought after tutorials including guides on how to make your own Kodi Wizard! Currently, this content is in it’s early release however more top premium content is own its way!

Myfirestream Premium members get 100% unlimited access to all of our premium content. We have implemented a Premium Trial as well for those who are unsure if this content is what they are looking for. Sadly, we wish we could provide this content to all of our users. The time it takes to put out these guides is simply not worth doing it for free.

Can you still join without being a Premium Member?

YES! When you register for an account you can simply signup as a “Subscriber”. This will allow you to setup an user account at Myfirestreams however you will not have access to any of the Premium Content pages. Once your account is setup can can upgrade at anytime by changing your account status.

Early Release Discount!

Currently, since our Premium Content is in its early release we are offering a discount of up to 50% off! This promo will not last long as we are pushing out premium content fast. If you wish to join we suggest you use the following promo code to save big!


How do you join?

Signing up for our Premium membership is extremely simple. All new users must go to the Premium Content page and do the following:

  • On the Premium Content page (accessed through our menu)
  • Click Login/Register
  • Click Register
  • You will then be taken to our subscription plan page
  • Choose whichever plan you would like (Subscriber is free)
  • Fill out the required information and click Submit

If you are joining as a Premium member or Premium trial member on the “required information page” review the plan details and below that you will see a section where you can enter a promo/discount code. Again, be sure to use Code “EARLY RELEASE” to save up to 50% off!

How can you upgrade your account?

Once you have an account you can upgrade at anytime unless you are already a Premium Member. Subscribers wishing to upgrade can do so by simply going to your Member Account page.

  • Click on Premium Content page
  • Next, you will need to click on Member Account
  • Click on “View all membership options”
  • Select your new membership and fill out the required information.

If you have any trouble accessing or setting up your user account here at Myfirestreams please contact us so that we can assist you! Have something you’d like us to cover in our Premium Content section? Let us know!

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