Plutonium Kodi Build

Plutonium Kodi Build

The Plutonium Kodi build is a lite build that packs a punch. One of the biggest flaws with Kodi, is the file sizes of the build. Most developers try to cram in as much content as possible on these builds. Most of the content truly goes to waste as most users only use a handful of add-ons.

Plutonium, is a very small build that only consists of a few of the most popular add-ons. This make it a great choice for devices that lack in storage. The Amazon Firestick is one of those devices that doesn’t normally pair well with Kodi. Plutonium has been found to work great with Kodi on the Amazon Firestick and other Fire devices.

One of the best features about the Plutonium Kodi build is its user interface. The developers of this build really took their time in creating a user friendly GUI that works well on all devices. If you can use Netflix then you surely won’t have any issues getting around this build.

Check out this preview that shows off what this build has to offer:

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How to install Plutonium:

First, in order to install Plutonium Kodi build you will need to install our Kodi repository. Once you have installed our repository you will then have access to download and install our Kodi Wizard. Our Kodi Wizard contains all of the builds including Plutonium. You will then simply use our Wizard to install your favorite Kodi builds. This process is extremely user friendly. By using our Wizard you will be able to save all of your superfavorites, Trakt login, Real-debrid login, favorites and more.

How to get the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard and Repository?

Ready to get started installing Kodi builds? Head over to our Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard post. This post will walk you through the process of getting our Kodi repository and Kodi Wizard setup.

If you have trouble signing up to our website or issues getting Plutonium installed please be sure to leave us a comment below. We are here to help!

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