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Real-Debrid Kodi Fix

Are you currently having issues with Real-Debrid not loading links? Are you seeing download or cloud notices from Real-Debrid links? Wouldn’t you rather just be able to click on a Real-Debrid link and start watching the content? Let us show you how you can fix this issue in Kodi 18.

Real-Debrid Fix:

You may notice that on an occasion when you click on a Real-Debrid link you get a notice that the content is being downloaded to the Real-Debrid cloud. This is extremely annoying and forces a user to download the content before proceeding.


Many of you might not be aware but there are two add-ons in Kodi that directly affect how you receive links. By editing these two “dependencies” you can prevent this issue from ever occurring.

How to fix it:

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to Settings
  • System
  • Add-ons
  • From the Add-ons menu select Manage Dependencies
  • Scroll down and locate URLResolver and Resolve URL
  • Open up Resolve URL
  • Click Configure
  • On the second tab on the menu select Universal Resolvers
  • You may notice that “Cached Torrents Only” is turned off for each provider
  • Turn this ON! (This will provide you with cached torrents only which in turn prevents you from having to download un-cached links)
  • Make sure you go down the whole Universal Resolvers list and do this for each of the providers
  • Once finished click OK to save
  • Do the same for URLResolver

It’s possible you need to restart Kodi for these changes to take effect however they should be fixed immediately without the need of a restart. Check out our other popular Kodi Guides.

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