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Cinema HD Updated v2.1.8

Version 2.1.8

One of the most popular streaming apps has recently just released an update. Cinema HD is has now been updated to version 2.1.8. Several key changes have been made for this update which should allow users to get a better streaming experience.

Below you will find the key features that have been added/updated in Cinema HD v2.1.8.

Changes made in version 2.1.8:

  • New backup/restore feature
  • Updated OpenSubtitle and recaptcha
  • Resolvers ABCvideo, Supervideo, Anavids, and Eplayvid have been added
  • Fixed the resolvers Vidlox and Fembed
  • Added an option to long-press streaming link to display file name
  • Added & fixed providers

When you launch Cinema you should receive a prompt letting you know that the APK needs to be updated. To install Cinema HD v2.1.8 proceed through the update process. For cord-cutters who don’t already have Cinema installed you can follow the guide below to get the newest version installed.

How to install Cinema HD:

Fresh install of Cinema HD version 2.1.8:

  • Download and install the Myfirestream Easy Builder App then continue with the steps below
  • Open Filelinked
  • Enter the Myfirestream Easy Builder App code 76394002
  • Click continue to open the Easy Builder App
  • Click dismiss on the popup
  • Locate Cinema on the menu and click once to start the download
  • Wait for the download to finish
  • Once the download finishes click once more to start the install process
  • Click install
  • Wait for the install to finish
  • Once the install finishes return to the Amazon home screen
  • Congrats you have successfully installed Cinema version 2.1.8



Legal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. Myfirestreams does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons are not hosted by Myfirestreams and this guide is for educational purposes only. Myfirestreams Disclaimer

Get the most out of Cinema HD:

Although Cinema HD is a great app there is one important step users should do to get the most out of their streaming experience. When using Cinema HD users should integrate their Real-debrid account. By authorizing your Real-debrid account within Cinema you will immediately get access to top quality links that will give you the best possible streaming experience.

Real-debrid can easily be authorized by going to the settings page inside the Cinema HD app. Once there you will need to locate and sign into Real-debrid. Once signed in you will immediately get access to all the Real-debrid links.

Don’t have a Real-debrid account? Don’t worry! You can easily signup to Real-debrid by clicking here. Not sure if Real-debrid is right for you? Check out our Real-debrid review so that you can get a better understanding of what Real-debrid is and what it has to offer. If you have questions comment below so that we can help.


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