COVID-19 Impacting Internet Usage

Social distancing is now the new norm ever since COVID-19. With this comes a huge increase in internet usage as many individuals are being asked to stay home. As a result of this isolation internet patterns have greatly changed.

Many individuals are now working from home, more people are now streaming, and this is causing an impact on internet usage worldwide. Services like Cloudflare are reporting huge increases compared to previous months usage. Some of these services are reporting as much as a 40% increase!

For cord-cutters, Real-debrid is also responding to this increase.

Currently, Real-debrid is able to handle these traffic spikes however users should expect delays and service interruptions as time goes on. More states in the United States are asking people to remain at home. Although all states are not participating in this, you should expect more to follow.

Aside from individuals working from home, more people are now looking into cutting the cord due to COVID-19. This is a direct impact from their employment situations. Many people are having to cut costs as their incomes are being put at risk. With Real-debrid being a top cord cutter service we can only assume that service interruptions should be expected. Hopefully the developers are doing everything they can to maintain their servers so we can continue to use their service without interruption.

What can you do to help with COVID-19 Internet Usage?

Many companies including Netflix are being asked to limit their streaming quality to free up some of the internet usage. As cord cutters we can do the same from our home. When picking streaming quality links, instead of picking 4K and HD we can simply select SD.

Although the quality is not what we would expect we can do our part to help. It will take the assistance from everyone but the end result is that we can all get through this COVID-19 pandemic together.

Another important tip cord cutters should be following is that if you are not physically watching a stream, cut it off. Save usage, and prevent outages is what every cord-cutter should be practicing!

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