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How To Customize Your Kodi Wizard

Customizing your Kodi Wizard (Part 2)


By now you should have completed Part 1 (How to make your own Kodi Wizard). Part 2 will show you how you can further customize your Wizard to make it your own. In this guide we will be showing you how you can add the following into your Kodi Wizard:

  • Custom Images/Logos
  • Preset User Settings
  • Add YouTube videos into your Wizard and Builds

Adding Custom Images and Logos:

Before we begin you need to locate your Kodi Wizard. If you have been following our guide since Part 1 you should have a folder named “Completed Kodi Wizard”. Inside of that folder, you should see the plugin.program.WHATEVERNAMEYOUUSED. That is our Kodi Wizard.

Open up the plugin.program.*** folder. You will immediately see several .jpg and .png files. These are the files we will be editing.

It is always a good idea to backup these files before editing them. Copy the two fanart files and one icon file. Inside of your “Completed Kodi Wizard” folder, you can make a new folder called backup and store these copies in there. They do not have to be in that exact location just ensure you copy them into a location where you will remember.

Selecting your Background:

If you have a custom background you’d like to use go ahead and open that image up in your photo editing software. For our background, we used our website’s main logo. Next, you will need to edit your image to be 1920×1080. Ensure that these dimensions are exact.

Once you have your background image sized and edited its time to save. Using whatever photo editing software you choose you want to save this new background image as two files:

1.) The first save should be named fanart.jpg

Ensure that you are saving the file as a .JPG file!

2.) After saving the first file you will want to save the file again. This time name the file fanart.png

Again, ensure that you select the right file format. This time you need to select.PNG

For the save location, you can save these two new files anywhere however its best if you save them inside your plugin.program.*** folder. If you save the files somewhere else we will need to manually copy them into the plugin.program.*** folder. When you save or copy the new files into the plugin.program.*** folder you will be asked if you want to overwrite the files since they already exist.

You want to select YES to allow overwrite. This action will cause you newly created backgrounds to overwrite the old ones. Once you have them saved in the plugin.program.*** location you should see fanart.jpg and fanart.png. If you open those two files up you should see your newly created backgrounds.

Selecting your Kodi Wizard Icon:

Now that you have your backgrounds set up its time to edit our icon aka logo. Using any photo editing software open up your custom logo file. You will need to resize this image to match 512X512. Ensure that your dimensions are exact when you resize the image.

Once you have your icon/logo created and resized to match the dimensions above it’s time to save. Using your photo editing software you want to save this newly created icon as icon.png

Make sure you are selecting the proper file type . PNG!

Once you have the save you either need to save it to the plugin.program.*** location or manually copy and move the file there. Just like with the background files you will be asked to overwrite. Select YES to allow overwrite. Once the overwrite has finished if you open the icon.png file you should see your newly created icon/logo.

Remember to replace the image files in the folder “completed Kodi wizard”

In the post “how to upload your Kodi Wizard” we copied the fanart.jpg and icon.png files and moved them into the “Completed Kodi Wizard” folder. Make sure you copy the same files from plugin.program.*** and place them in the “Completed Kodi Wizard” folder. You will be asked to overwrite, so be sure to select YES.  Once you are finished you should have your newly created fanart and icon images in your “Completed Kodi Wizard” folder, and inside the plugin.program.*** folder.

Editing Wizard Settings:

You can manually edit your Wizard settings to match the settings of your choice. In order to edit these settings, you will need to already have Notepad++ installed.

Open up your plugin.program.*** folder. Inside of that folder find and click on resources. Inside of the resources folder, you will want to open the settings.xml file in Notepad++

When looking at the settings.xml file you will want to take a look at two key things:

1.) The setting id

2.) The default status

For example, if you scroll down that XML file to line 147 you should see the “setting ID” keeptrakt. We know that this setting either allows or disallows the keeping of the Trakt login. Most Kodi users use Trakt so by default we want to ensure that this setting is turned on by default.

On line 147 if you keep scrolling to the right you will see “default” this option will either be listed as true or false. In this case, since we want to keep our Trakt login by default then we want to set this to true.

The settings.xml file is something that you will need to spend some time going through. You can enable and disable these features as needed using this file. Once you have made all the necessary changes ensure that you save the file.

Add YouTube page:

With this Kodi Wizard, you are able to add your own YouTube page into your Wizard including direct access to your YouTube video for your Kodi Builds. In order to do this, we will first need to create our YouTube file.

Using Notepad ++ click File>New

Copy the following code into the new file:

name="Example Video"
description="An example video."

name="Example Section"
description="An example section."

As you can see there are two different options here. One is for a Video and the other is for Section. For this example, we will focus on the Video.

Edit the following sections to match your YouTube video:

Name=” Type in the name of your video”

section=”no” <<<make sure this is set to no

url=”this is the URL to your youtube video” <<<paste your URL here

icon and fanart= if you have a custom icon and fanart you’d like to use you can add those URLs here

description= give your video a description

You can add as many videos as you’d like. Just be sure to set “section as no” and ensure you upload the right URL to your YouTube video. Each time you will need to copy the section “name through description” and edit those for each video. Leaving out one part will break this code so make sure you have everything listed and edited for each video.

Once you have all of your YouTube videos added save the file as youtube.txt. A good save location is inside your “completed Kodi Wizard” folder.

Edit your Kodi Wizard to show the youtube.txt file:

In the plugin.program.*** folder locate and open in Notepad++. We will be editing this file to show the location of our youtube.txt we just created.

Scroll down the file and locate lines 27 and 28. We need to edit both of these.

On line 27 you will need to give your YouTube a name. We suggest using the name of your YouTube channel. Next, on line 28 we need to list the URL that our youtube.txt file will be at. If you are not sure look at line 20. The builds.txt file will be hosted at the same location. So copy that address but replace builds.txt with youtube.txt.

Once you have made those changes you can then click save and exit.

Upload your Kodi Wizard and YouTube file:

By now you have completely customized your Kodi Wizard. You have added custom images, edited default user settings, and added your own youtube into your Kodi Wizard. To upload your Kodi Wizard to your hosting company be sure to follow this guide:

How to upload your Kodi Wizard

Once you have your Wizard uploaded it’s time to upload your youtube.txt file. From your hosting servers file manager upload the youtube.txt file under the Public_html folder. This is the same location where you uploaded your plugin.program.*** and other files like builds.txt.

Your hosting server should look like this:

Under Public_html:

  • plugin.program.WHATEVERNAMEYOUUSED zipped file (updated in this guide. Remember to follow the “how to upload your Kodi Wizard guide” to make the new .zip)
  • addons.xml
  • addons.xml.md5
  • .htaccess
  • builds.txt
  • fanart.jpg (updated in this guide)
  • icon.png (updated in this guide)
  • youtube.txt (updated in this guide)

Once you have edited all the steps in this guide and followed the instructions on how to upload your Kodi Wizard you should have the same file structure as we listed above. Once everything has been uploaded to your server you should see the changes made once you install your Kodi Wizard.

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