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What is SafeKodi?

SafeKodi is a Kodi addon which aims at informing Kodi users about potentially malicious addons installed on their devices. For example, SafeKodi is able to identify addons which might install malware or inject unwanted advertisement. SafeKodi further provides the users with the quick option to disable addons marked as unsafe.
SafeKodi’s database is continuously updated with de-Kodi, a Kodi crawler which is capable of discovering and testing large cross-sections of Kodi’s decentralized ecosystem at tunable levels of depth and breadth. SafeKodi leverages de-Kodi to constantly explore more addons. If an add-on is marked as “unknown” by SafeKodi, de-Kodi will attempt to automatically locate such addon on the Web and test it on demand.

Is your Kodi setup secure?

Many users simply hunt down and install recommended add-ons without testing. This leaves many users vunlerable to malicious add-ons. By installing and using SafeKodi you can easily scan your Kodi setup for malicious add-ons. They have an extremely user friendly GUI that shows you if the add-on is safe or not. By viewing the scan results users will be presented with three results:





SafeKodi Kodi Addon


How to install SafeKodi in Kodi 18:

As of writing this the SafeKodi repository is currently not working. However, we have corrected their mistakes and added this script to our repository. You can now easily install SafeKodi using the Myfirestreams Kodi Repository. For more details on how to install our repository please visit Myfirestreams Kodi Repo.

Below you will find the information on how to install SafeKodi directly from their repository. Again, as of writing this the SafeKodi repo is down so you will NOT be able to install SafeKodi using this method. We are almost certain they will correct this issue soon however until then you can get SafeKodi from our repo just follow the link above.

  • Open Kodi
  • Click on settings
  • Locate and click on system
  • Scroll down and find add-ons
  • Turn on apps from unknown sources
  • Hit the back button one time to return to the settings page
  • Click on File Manager
  • Select Add Source
  • Click where it says NONE, type in the URL: In the next box down name it safekodi and click Ok
  • Hit the back button to return to the settings page
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Select install from zip from the list
  • select the source file safekodi and select script.safekodi
  • Wait a few seconds and the SafeKodi will be then installed.

Once SafeKodi is installed, you can find it from Add-ons -> My add-ons -> All/Program Add-ons. Simply open up the SafeKodi add-on to begin scanning. You will be promoted to allow certain access. We suggest setting this to NO. If you are installing this on a Kodi build you will also be asked if you’d like to switch skins. You do NOT have to switch skins as this will work using any Kodi build.

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