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WatchYa TV the BEST IPTV in 2020!

Cord cutters are constantly on the lookout for new and improved services that offer the best content at the lowest cost. Most cord cutters make the switch from cable/satellite only when they find a good and reliable replacement for live TV. IPTV has been around for quite some time now however there are many IPTV services that are just simply not reliable! This makes for a huge headache when trying to cut the cord.

We have found that WatchYa TV is by far the best IPTV provider around! Just last year many IPTV providers increased their costs with some even opting to cut/limit subscriptions. Here at Myfirestreams we have been overwhelmed with users looking for recommendations on reliable IPTV providers that have “active subscriptions”. We are proud to announce that with WatchYa TV you will get immediate access to reliable high quality TV at a fraction of the cost compared to other IPTV companies.

We deemed Watchya TV the best IPTV in 2020. What's your thoughts?x

What’s included in the WatchYa TV IPTV subscription?

Currently, WatchYa TV offers several plans to choose from. Their most popular plan is the USA plan that only costs $6/month! This is an unbelievable price as most IPTV competitors offer the same plan at a higher cost! With their USA plan users can get access to hundreds of SD/HD/UHD channels which include sports, PPV, events, local channels, and more. Subscribers of WatchYa TV can get 1-4 device plans with NO IP LOCKS! This means users can access their content from multiple locations!

They also have several other plans to choose from which include English plan, Latin plan, or users can choose to purchase all! English and Latin plans come in at a reasonable cost of only $7/month. Wish to have all three plans? They offer a All of the above plan that still comes in lower than most IPTV plans at only $10/month! This is an unbelievable deal! Stop letting these other IPTV companies take advantage of you and stick with a provider like WatchYa TV that offers reasonable pricing for the same content other providers provide.


Did we forget to mention that they offer a 24hr trial! Take advantage of this trial to see if you are just as impressed with this service as we are! You want be disappointed.


Here at Myfirestreams, we tend to get overwhelmed with users asking for IPTV support. As we have stated multiple times we are in no way affiliated with any IPTV provider and thus we can’t guarantee that you will receive proper support from your IPTV provider. With WatchYa TV we can proudly say that they have phenomenal support!

Unlike other IPTV providers they offer users multiple support options so that customers can easily receive the help they need when they need it! Customers have the following support options included in their subscription plan:

  • Live Chat Support
  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Ticket Support

Many other IPTV providers only offer Ticket Support which leaves many customers waiting to receive the help they need. In some cases other IPTV providers fail to even respond to these tickets! With WatchYa TV customers get 100% support when they need it!

Real-Time Monitoring!

Unlike other IPTV providers WatchYa TV offers their customers Real-Time Stream Performance Monitoring! This is an excellent feature that ensures their customers that their service will be up and running 99.9% of the time!

WatchYa TV, has the most streaming servers in the industry and with the included real time monitoring their customers get the best and most reliable IPTV of any IPTV provider out there! Stop dealing with buffering issues and broken channels. With their IPTV service you will get the best experience you can compared to cable and satellite. This make cutting the cord much easier when you can easily switch to a reliable service like WatchYa TV IPTV.

Our Take:

Since we started reviewing this IPTV service we have been more and more impressed! With so many IPTV providers out there most services tend to “blend” where you can’t tell the difference between one service and another. To start with we were highly drawn to the price of this service. Unlike other providers that start out at $15/month we were highly pleased to see that WatchYa TV offers one of the lowest costing subscription plans around.

The GUI on their app is a bit different compared to other services. Although the layout is somewhat similar it does take some getting use to . We found that after 5-10 mins we were easily able to move around without any issues. This wasn’t a flaw on their part. Once you are able to get a feel for how their GUI is laid out you will quickly see that this service is user friendly. Everything is easily accessed through their menu and TV guide. Their channels are broken down into categories which we found makes for a better streaming experience.

Their service can be easily accessed on many of the most popular devices including PC, Android, and more. Customers of WatchYa TV can easily access their service by using their standalone apk which can easily be installed on devices like the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV in just a few clicks.

Additional content we found useful!

Like other IPTV companies, WatchYa TV decided to cut VOD content so that they could focus on high quality live TV for their clients. We expected this to be the case when we started reviewing their service, however we were pleased to learn that they offer a 3 day catch up service. This allows users to access missed content! Missed your favorite show or event? We found that you can easily access the content using this feature.

All in all we were highly pleased with this service. This is why we are placing this IPTV service at the top of our recommended list in 2020! Again, take advantage of the trial to see if this service is right for you! We are sure you will be just as pleased with this service as we are.

VPN Compatibility

Additionally we test this service with using one of the best VPN providers, IPVanish. Unlike other IPTV providers, WatchYa TV’s service work extremely well when using a VPN. If you are a current IPVanish subscriber you can easily integrate these two services on your devices without any buffering issues. Myfirestreams always recommends using a VPN when accessing third party content like IPTV.

WatchYa TV GUI Walkthrough:

Below you will find a video guide showing you the GUI of the WatchYa TV IPTV app and what all it has to offer. If you’d like to learn how to install this service on your devices please see our WatchYa TV IPTV install guide.

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: Myfirestreams does not verify whether IPTV providers hold the proper licensing for content delivered through said service. Myfirestreams does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons are not hosted by Myfirestreams and this guide is for educational purposes only. Myfirestreams Disclaimer
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Dan Oakley
Dan Oakley
3 months ago
Reply to  Myfirestreams

I have it but some of the 24/7 channels have volume but no picture

2 months ago

Great IPTV service!

Lvpre Lvpre
Pro Member Level 5
Points: 63
Lvpre Lvpre
24 days ago

This just a rebrand of Streams For Us, but a little more expensive.

Richard Patterson
Richard Patterson
19 days ago

I am using the trial. so far so good