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How to upload your Kodi Repo

Uploading your own Kodi repo is a simple task that can be completed with just a few steps. Hopefully you have been following our guides and have come here as your last step.

If not please ensure that you read over our previous guides so that you don’t get behind.

Uploading your Kodi repo to your hosting server allows you and others to access your repo so that you can easily setup new devices with Kodi including installing builds and add-ons through your own repository.

Step One:

During part one of this guide “how to create your own Kodi repo” you completed your Kodi repo build. Before you can upload it you will need to make a few changes to ensure your repo works as intended and can easily be accessed within Kodi.

First we will need to create a folder named repo within our “master” repo folder. To do so simple open your master folder, right-click, select new>folder, title your folder “repo”.

Created folder named repo inside of the “master repo” folder

This “repo” folder will host the files needed to install them into Kodi.

Step Two:

Open your newly created folder “repo”. First we will need to create a file named index.html. This file will allow your zips to be readable and accessed within Kodi.

To create the index.html file open Notepad++ or another text editor. Paste the following code into your document.

<p><a href=""></a>

This html code points to your repo zip file. Make sure you type in your file name exactly as it is within your zip folder. To get the file name do the following:

  • Open your Master repo folder
  • Open zips folder
  • Inside this folder you should see two folders. One for plugin the other for repository.
  • Open your repository folder
  • Inside your repository folder you will see your newly created zip. Copy that file name and replace it in the code above. Make sure you include the whole file name including .zip failure to do so will result in errors and you will not be able to install your repo inside of Kodi!
Repo zip file name location

Once you have edited the code above and pasted it inside your document you will need to save it to the “new repo folder” you just created. Save it with the file name index.html

Next, return back to your “master repo” folder and open zips. Inside the zips folder open your repository folder and copy the zip file.

Return back to the master folder, open the new repo folder and paste this zip file inside your repo folder. You should now have two files inside your repo folder (index.html and your file).

Completed repo folder files

Step Three:

At this point your repo is complete! The only thing left to do is to upload the files to your hosting server.

If you followed our “how to upload your Kodi wizard” guide you will need to follow those same steps to upload these files. The only thing you need to do is copy and upload the following files to your hosting server.

  • Copy Presets folder
  • Copy Repo folder
  • Copy Zips folder

Once you have these files uploaded to your server you should then be able to access them within Kodi. To test this simple open Kodi, add file source, type in your hosting address, go to add-ons, install from zip, click on the file source you just added, click repo, from there you should see your file.

Simply install that zip. Once the install finishes click install from repository and select your repo!

Inside your repo if you have followed our guides you should see a folder named plugin programs. Open that and you should see your Kodi Wizard! Click to install!

Congrats you have successfully created your very own repo that you can use to host add-ons and more!

Having trouble uploading your Repo and getting it to work? Drop us a comment or reach out to us using the Premium Support form.

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