Fire Lite Kodi Build

How to use the Fire Lite Kodi Build

Fire Lite is packed with content!

If you have not already tried out the Myfirestreams Fire Lite Kodi build then you should! This Kodi build is a very lite build that comes packed with all the best content and more!

When creating this build we wanted to create a build that not only focuses on keeping the file size down, but one that also has everything any cord cutter would need.

Fire Lite focuses on three add-ons:

  • Numbers
  • Exodus
  • The Crew

In our opinion Numbers is by far the best Kodi add-on for streaming. Unlike other add-ons Numbers is very fast and offers the fastest loading times around.

With that being said, cord cutters must always have a backup option. For this we used another popular add-on, Exodus. Exodus has been around for years and in most cases it is looked at as being the best Kodi add-on. We tend to agree other than the fact that Numbers tends to run a bit faster.

Lastly, every Kodi build must include some type of sports and IPTV content. For this we used another popular add-on, The Crew. When using The Crew cord cutters can access FREE IPTV including LIVE SPORTS!

Content Sections Explained:

TV Shows and Movies:

First we are going to cover the two most popular categories, TV Shows and Movies. When using the Fire Lite build you will notice that both sections have an active widget on the top of the category.

This widget provides users with the most popular content for ease of access. Secondly, you are provided with a sub menu which allows you to narrow down your results even further!

Lastly, under the submenu you are provided with direct access to all three of the streaming add-ons. This can come in handy if one of the add-ons fails to work properly. Users can simply open up an add-on of their choice and directly access the content of their choice using the provided add-on tools/features.

4K Content:

The 4K category offers just that; 4K content! This is something that many other Kodi builds fail to offer. If another build does offer 4k content most of the time users will have to search through the links in order to find a 4k link.

This category offers users direct access to the most popular 4k content using the top widget. However if you are looking for something specific you can use one of the two submenu items to narrow down your results. Our 4k content section works flawlessly and provides users with a way to watch their favorite content in 4k without trouble.

The Crew (IPTV):

Our IPTV sections focuses on the add-on, The Crew. This add-on offers users a way to watch IPTV for free! Although this is not the most reliable IPTV service it is still free!

We always recommend users go with a paid IPTV service as you can get a better streaming experience with higher quality. The Crew has several options for paid IPTV. Feel free to look into those services or continue to use the free content.


This is what makes the Fire Lite Kodi build a cord cutters best tool! Many of you may not be aware of what Openinfo is or what it has to offer. You may think that it’s just another streaming add-on for Kodi.

Openinfo is way more than a streaming add-on. Have you ever wanted to watch a movie or show but can’t decide on what to watch? Do you hate having to search for each movie one at a time and having to go through a long process just to watch a trailer? Want to find similar content but don’t know where to look? Then this add-on is going to be your best tool!

Openinfo allows you to view all of the information about a show/movie with just one click. Even better, when you click on a show/movie the trailer for that content will automatically play! Users can also scroll through that content to find similar shows/movies based on your current selection.

With Openinfo you can play any content on any add-on directly through the contents page on this add-on. By simply clicking play you will be provided with all of the add-ons you can play the content from. Simply select an add-on of your choice and the content will be loaded.

Myfirestreams took an additional step by adding Openinfo onto our menu inside of Kodi. This will allow you to access the “Openinfo” of any content no matter where you are on Kodi. For example, let’s say you are on the Numbers add-on in the movies category. Once you find a movie simply “long press” to open up the menu. From the menu you can click on Openinfo. This will take you to the “Openinfo” page for that movie, providing you with all the information you need as well as playing the trailer!

This truly takes your streaming to a whole new level. By using the Fire Lite build you can quickly navigate around Kodi while gathering all the information you need to make a selection!


Our add-ons category is another location within the Fire Lite build that makes things more user friendly. From here you can easily access the locations needed to add more add-ons or edit those already installed.

More importantly, this is where you can logg into Real-debrid and Trakt with just one click! This makes setting up Kodi a very fast process! No longer do you need to hunt down each add-on just to login.

We also added a direct link to clear Resolver Cache! This feature is extremely helpful if your links no longer work. This happens from time to time with Kodi especially if you are using a Real-debrid account and VPN. With just one click you can easily fix resolver issues!

As a bonus, we also added a speed test so that you can test your internet speeds directly from Kodi. This comes in handy if you are using a VPN. We have found that you get better results by running a speed test directly from within Kodi rather than on your devices.

Bottom Menu:

Finally lets go over the bottom menu options. From our menu you have several selections that you can make. They are as follows:

  • Favorites
    • Anytime you add/save a favorite within Kodi the content will be saved to this location for easy access.
  • Clear Cache and Packages
    • Using this feature you can manually clear and cache and packages you may have. Our Kodi Wizard does this automatically for you however you may need to manually run this from time to time especially if you notice any issues.
  • Force Update Add-ons
    • Normally your add-ons will automatically update when you launch Kodi. However there have been times where this option didn’t work as it should. In cases like this you can manually force update all of your add-ons by using this button.
  • Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard
    • Directly access our Kodi Wizard
  • Settings
    • Access the settings page within Kodi
  • Save and Exit Kodi
    • This button saves your current Kodi state and closes Kodi
  • Force Close Kodi
    • We suggest using this feature anytime you want to close Kodi. This will ensure that your Kodi app has completely shutdown.


As you can see the Myfirestreams Fire Lite Kodi build is packed with content that can and will make your Kodi streaming experience a better one!

Aside from offering an amazing GUI everything is placed in a location that can easily be accessed. No longer do you need to hunt down content/settings. This build was created with all cord cutters in mind including those of an older generation!

If you haven’t already give the Fire Lite build a try! You won’t be disappointed. We are always looking to make improvement to this build so if you have any suggestions please feel free to comment them below!

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