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As many of you are aware streaming is a constant changing and evolving technology. This leaves many cord cutters unaware of what needs to be done so that they have a flawless streaming experience.


Myfirestreams was created to help teach those cord cutters what to do and when it should be done. Simply put, we do the hard work so that you can enjoy streaming!

What can we offer?

Although we do not provide any streaming services we have things setup so that cord cutters can access certain popular services with little effort.

Currently, some of the popular streaming APK’s are facing issues with content not working. This has taken us to look more into Kodi and what it has to offer. As of writing this we believe that Kodi is offering cord cutters the BEST streaming experience!

With that being said, Myfirestreams has taken the time to create what we believe is the most user friendly Kodi build around; Fire Lite! Fire Lite, is an extremely lite build that can be used on all devices even devices with low storage (ex. Amazon Firestick).

Should you get the Myfirestreams Fire Lite Kodi Build?

If you are someone who hates constantly having to update APK’s, download new apps, or have trouble accessing content then Fire Lite is for you!

Once you have the Fire Lite Kodi build installed we take care of the rest! Your Kodi will preform at the highest standard with no effort needed! The hardest part will be setting up your Kodi with the Fire Lite build!

How can the Fire Lite Kodi build be effort free?

Myfirestreams keeps the Fire Lite build up to date with the BEST streaming addons around. You will always have the best streaming expereience when using this build. Your only requirement will be to update the build every time we send out an update.

Updating is simple! You will NOT have to log back into services like Real-debrid or Trakt nor will you lose your saved content including Favorites. With just a simple click you can easily update the build and be streaming in minutes.

  • Get notified of new improvement during Kodi launch
  • Build is managed by us including all Addons and content
  • Always get 100% uptime using our build
  • Stream with the best addons around including Numbers, Exodus, The Crew, and more.
  • Lite build great for small devices!
  • 4k content!
  • and more.

Ready to get the Fire Lite build?

If you’d like us to handle your streaming experience when using Kodi then all you need is our Kodi Repo and Wizard. From there you can use our Repo to install the Kodi Wizard, then install the Fire Lite build directly from our Wizard.

The install process is very quick. If you already have Kodi installed then your install time will be cut in half. For those who don’t already have Kodi you can get it by using the Myfirestreams Easy Builder app.

Get Kodi:

Use the Myfirestreams Easy Builder App to install Kodi

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Get the Myfirestreams Repo

Use this guide to setup the Myfirestreams Kodi repo.

Myfirestreams Kodi Repo

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Get the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard

In this guide we will show you how to install the Myfirestreams Kodi Wizard.

Myfirestreams Official Kodi wizard

The Myfirestreams Official Kodi Wizard For Kodi v19

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Get the Fire Lite build

Use this guide to get the Fire Lite setup on Kodi. Please note: the guide below shows the old Fire Lite build. When you install this build you will get our newest version which will look different. As of writing this our current Fire Lite version is 1.9

Safe Kodi

Fire Kodi Build

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Premium Account Discount!

Some of our content is locked for Premium members only. This includes the content above. If you are interested in getting the Fire Lite build you will need a Premium Account.

Now through 5/30/20 you can save on our Premium account membership. During checkout use CODE: MEMORIALDAY to save!

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Legal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. Myfirestreams does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons are not hosted by Myfirestreams and this guide is for educational purposes only. Myfirestreams Disclaimer
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Cutting the cord made easy

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11 months ago

Kodi is by far the best streaming app around. So many choices and customizations makes this a great app for any cord cutter.