Area51 IPTV Review

Area51 IPTV Website Scam Update Notice

As many of you are aware we covered this topic about a year ago. It seems as though that some IPTV providers are still looking to take advantage of the popular services that already exist.

Currently, Area51 IPTV is facing issues with other providers posing as them. As of writing this there are four other websites using the Area51 IPTV name when they have NO ASSOCIATION with Area51!

Below you will see a list of the FAKE Area51 IPTV websites:

Although these website look legit they are actually NOT the real Area51 IPTV provider. This is causing havoc on Area51 IPTV due to them receiving muliple support tickets for an account that doesn’t exist!

Area51 IPTV has been a top leader in the IPTV community. So much so that they no longer have an available subscriptions. The lack of subsciptions is causing users to seek these other Area51 IPTV websites thinking they are the same just so that they can get an IPTV subscription.

Don’t be fooled! Although these other website may offer a service they are NOT the real Area51 IPTV website/provider! There is absolutely no guarantee that you will receive a service that you pay for nor a guarantee that your personal data will not be leaked!

Area51 IPTV (The real provider) does open up subscriptions from time to time. There is no announcement as to when they will open so we always suggest that users check the website daily. DO NOT seek these other “Area51 IPTV” providers!

Below is an announcement from Area51 IPTV regarding this:

There are other websites posing as us online at ,,, and OUR WEBSITES, there may be others).

This is not us, so please do not get scammed by these websites.

The only option for payment is either through PayPal or Bitcoin, they do not accept credit card payments directly, this is step number one that this is a scam. The other is that the majority of links to other pages on their websites do not work.

If you make a purchase through the scam websites, we are not liable, as that is not us and we did not receive your money.

Food for thought:
In what world do you you purchase something online from one website, then go to a completely different website to submit a ticket about your purchase from that other website?Area51 IPTV

The Real Area51 IPTV Website:

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Scott Shelly H.
Scott Shelly H.
5 days ago

Are they down right now? I subscribe to them and have for a few years. It is not working this weekend along with their website.