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Area51 now Singularity Media?

The Area51 IPTV shutdown has been a constantly evolving situation. Many speculations have been made with little to no response from the IPTV providers.

This has left many of the Area51 IPTV subscribers without answers and in some cases without services! Although we do not claim to have all the answers we can now provide you with an update on this situation.

Area51 IPTV update notice 1:

We will be updating this post as needed so that we can provide you with the latest information regarding this situation. This will be the first notice of what could be many.

Area51 was recently faced with a take down notice due to a copyright strike by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. This was a coalition of over thirty or more major entertainment companies and movie studios.

These take down notices were sent to the owners of Area51 IPTV and thus forced them into a complete shutdown.

Soon after, Area51 sent out a notice to their loyal customers asking them to visit Outerlimits IPTV to continue their IPTV services. This was short lived. Soon after Outerlimits IPTV disappeared and no more information was given.

For the final update, users are now reporting that they are receiving an email inviting them to Singularity Media. Users are reporting that you can access Singularity Media with the same user credentials used to access Area51 IPTV.

It now seems as though Area51 is going through a rebranding. Their old website is now showing Singularity Media as the Title while still showing the old Area51 domain name.

Furthermore, Singularity Media has their own domain name as we stated in our previous post. Sadly as of writing this update the Singularity Media website is not allowing new signups nor do they have any more information posted. On a positive note, users can still access their account page via Singularity Media and also regain access to their old Area51 IPTV subscription.


I would not be surprised if Singularity Media gets taken down as well. Time will only tell. We should know more in the next few days. Check back to this post for future update notices regarding the Area51 shutdown and Singularity Media.

Update notice two:

Singularity Media experienced a short downtime yesterday evening. This was a scheduled maintence. This maintence prevented users from both accessing their app download and website.

We are pleased to announce that as of now Singularity Media is back up and running. Users should now be able to download their new app and sign in with previous credentials.

With so much hassel going on with both Area51 and Singularity Media we were contacted by the providers over at WatchYa TV IPTV. They graciously offered users at Myfirestreams with a promo code to save up to 20% off a one month plan.

As of now, any new user at WatchYa TV IPTV will be able to save 20% when using the promo code: myfirestreams

Give them a shot as they are a highly reliable IPTV provider. With so much going on with Area51 and Singularity Media there is no telling what the future may hold. For this reason we are suggesting users look into backup options for their IPTV needs. WatchYa TV is a great choice!

Update notice three:

Have you been having issues with Singularity Media IPTV? Please read over the lastest update information from them. You will find below that they are recommending users use the v2.1 “Smaters App”.

This may help resolve some of the issues you have been facing when trying to view their service. If you are still not pleased with this service we highly recommend checking out WatchYa TV IPTV. You can use promo code: myfirestreams to save 20% off ANY one month plan!

Please read below in FULL.

Hello and welcome to Singularity Media.

We have taken over your account from Area 51. (NOTE: Old Area 51 Apps WILL NOT work any longer) Please uninstall all old APPS.

We have sent out a previous email to your registered account email regarding these changes.

Your account remains the same and we are now looking after it for you.
This means your logins remain the same.

LOGIN/PASSWORD ISSUES! **To find your APP Login if you forgot, please sign into the client area, click on your products/service, click the active button on your service then click IPTV Service Details, here you can check your login.**

Please find everything you require below to get up and running.

Downloads: NEW

### Singularity App – NEW RECOMMENDED APP
**Downloader App:**
v.2.1 (SMARTERS)
Enter the URL:

Direct download link:


Filelinked Store:
Enter Code: 53672104


Downloader App:
v.4.0.3 (XCIPTV UI)
Enter the URL: (Please note that is a ZERO)

Filelinked Store:
Enter Code: 53672104

Fire DL:
v.4.0.3 (XCIPTV UI)
Enter Code: 499680

Direct Download:
v.4.0.3 (XCIPTV UI) (Please note that is a ZERO)

*Singularity Future App: Please NOTE if you have any audio issues you will need to change the player setting in our app to VLC player for Live.

At the login screen, enter your existing APP username and password. Please note that you may need to press back or escape to hide the keyboard to see the sign in button, if you simply press enter you will open settings and you’ll be in a loop.

*(Please Choose the Singularity/Future Panel and NOT VPN.)

Tivimate, GSE, IOS, Smarters Apps Etc Use Server Address Below:

Add a playlist using “Xtream Codes login”
Server address:

Username: Your Username
Password: Your Password

Uncheck “Include VOD” (Tivimate)

There is a known bug with version 2.8.5, so you will need to use version 2.8.0 (You can do an in place upgrade to 2.8.5 once 2.8.0 is working)

Thank you,
Singularity Media
https://singularitymedia.netMyfirestreams Disclaimer

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: Myfirestreams does not verify whether IPTV providers hold the proper licensing for content delivered through said service. Myfirestreams does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons are not hosted by Myfirestreams and this guide is for educational purposes only. Myfirestreams Disclaimer
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Cutting the cord made easy

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25 days ago
Reply to  Myfirestreams

Hate the IPTV provider we were sent to. Got any recommendations for a cheap, 2-3 tv connection provider,with a good EPG, not an individual channel one.

25 days ago
Reply to  Sandra

I’m one of the Area 51 active subscribers. I also received the email from Singularity Media. dated 7.3. I’m receiving error notice (404) or message of site down maintenance. Unable to access thru Downloader (does not recognize URL.

Lvpre Lvpre
Pro Member Level 5
Points: 63
Lvpre Lvpre
24 days ago
Reply to  Myfirestreams

Definitely think the writing is on the wall. Service issues, the rebrand has already changed names/URLs, and discord went down right away. It was good while it lasted, but customer service/discord went downhill around December.

24 days ago
Reply to  Lvpre Lvpre

Can’t stand their format,in comparison to what area 51 had. I’m checking out new providers.