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Best Streaming APK’s For July 2020

July has been a crazy month so far for cord cutters. Several IPTV companies have closed their doors thus leaving many individuals looking for the best streaming apk’s around.

As of now, there have not been many new apk releases. Several of the older streaming apk’s are still recommended as the best streaming apk’s to date.

Below you will find a list of our top best streaming apk’s for July 2020:

Current IPTV Streaming APK Deals:

Due to the recent issues several IPTV companies were faced with other IPTV providers decided to step up to help those in need.

WatchYa TV

WatchYa TV was one of the main IPTV providers to offer support when users lost their IPTV from other companies like Area51 IPTV and Singularity Media.

Currently, WatchYa TV is offering new subscribers a 20% discount on any one month plan. In order to get this deal you must use the promo code: myfirestreams during checkout. Please keep in mind, Myfirestreams is not affiliated with ANY IPTV company nor do we host IPTV services.

If you’d like to take advantage of this promo deal then head over to WatchYa TV’s website and remember to use PROMO CODE: MYFIRESTREAMS

Myfirestreams Discord Server

This month we released our official Discord server. This was created so that we can not only help offer faster support, but to give the cord cutting community here a way to help others.

So far we have had a decent turnout on our Discord server. If you haven’t already joined please do so! We will post announcements and updates there before anywhere else so please be sure to stay updated!

Join the Myfirestreams Discord Server:

Myfirestreams Official Discord Server

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: This technology shall only be used to stream movies or TV shows that fall under the public domain. Myfirestreams does not endorse or promote illegal activity tied to streaming or downloading copyrighted works. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any service or app referenced on this Website. Referenced applications/addons are not hosted by Myfirestreams and this guide is for educational purposes only. Myfirestreams Disclaimer
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