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IPVanish IKEv2 update now supports Amazon devices

As of today, IPVanish has released an updated version for both Android and Amazon. This new app update now adds support for IKEv2 VPN protocol. IKEv2 is only available on newer devices. This protocol is considered a more secure extension of the IPSec protocol.

Currently, for some areas this update has not been released. IPVanish is releasing this new update in stages to prevent sever overloads. As of writing this the newest version has not been released yet on Amazon.

Should you use IPVanish’s IKEv2 protocol?

Since this is realtively new to Amazon devices I would recommend trying it out to see if you gain any benefit. IKEv2 protocol offers several advantages which you can see below:

  • IKEv2 security is quite strong since it supports multiple high-end ciphers.
  • Despite its high security standard, IKEv2 offers fast online speeds.
  • IKEv2 can easily resist network changes due to its MOBIKE support, and can automatically restore dropped connections.
  • Setting up an IKEv2 VPN connection is relatively simple.

Although OpenVPN has been extremely popular with online users due to its enhanced security users may be surprised to learn that IKEv2 provided similar protection. Unlike OpenVPN, IKEv2 secures information at the IP level rather than at the transport level.

One key benefit to take away is that IPVanish’s IKEv2 will offer faster VPN speeds compared to that of other VPN protocols. So if you are hurting from VPN speeds try switching to IKEv2 with this new IPVanish IKEv2 update. See if you receive faster speeds.

If you don’t notice any difference or run into issues using the IPVanish IKEv2 update then we suggest switching back to an OpenVPN protocol using UDP instead of TCP.

How to get the new update?

As it was stated earlier this new update is being pushed out in stages. You should receive this update soon on your Amazon device.

If you’d like to get an idea about what this protocol has to offer then you can use the Myfirestreams Easy Builder App to update IPVanish to the beta release. We have already added this update to our filelinked store and you should have no issues install/using it.

Once the update is live for the final release your device should automatically update it. As soon as we get the final apk release we will be adding that to our Filelinked store page.

Need an IPVanish plan?

IPVanish has been extremely busy over the past few months. From website updates, removing device limitations, expanding phone support, and now pushing out IKEv2 support for all devices. IPVanish is surely a leader when it comes to VPNs.

We are proud to announce that now through the end of July new IPVanish customers can get 3 months for just $11.99. This promo deal will be removed on August 1, 2020.

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Don’t wait to start protecting your devices! If you are streaming any third party content you should always be protecting yourself by using a VPN. What better way than protecting yourself with one of the best VPN providers on the market!

Update 7/31/20:

As many of you are aware, the IPVanish new update was delayed on Amazon. This was in no way any fault of IPVanish, it was simply Amazon taking their time pushing out new updates.

We are glad to report that as of today July 31, 2020 the new update is finally live on the Amazon App Store.

Your IPVanish app should automatically update if you previously installed an older version via the Amazon App Store. However, if you downloaded the “Beta” version of the IKEV2 update from us using Filelinked it will not automatically update.

This application will not update on its own due to the newest version number being lower than that of what released. You do not need to uninstall IPVanish in order to update.

How to update IPVanish

To update IPVanish to the newest version which is IPVanish VPN v3. simply open up the Myfirestreams Easy Builder App (Filelinked), and go through installing IPVanish like normal.

This time instead of asking if you want to install IPVanish, you will be asked do you want to install and update to IPVanish. Click install and proceed through the installation process. Once IPVanish is updated you should now have the newest version.

In the future IPVanish will automatically update via the Amazon App Store Please let us know if you have any questions or need help updating IPVanish.

If IPVanish fails to update via Filelinked you will need to uninstall the older version first. After removing IPVanish simply use our Filelinked store to re-download and install the newest version. If you were forced to uninstall IPVanish you can choose to re-download the app from the Amazon App Store as well.

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