Plex Live TV

Plex Live TV

The popular media server Plex, now offers FREE live TV. Plex users can now gain access to over 80 channels from a huge selection of categories. For users wanting to try out Plex Live TV you do not even need an account to access this service!

With Plex users are already able to store their favorite owned content including movies, TV shows, music and more. Now that you can access Plex live TV directly from Plex you surely can take your Plex media server to the next level!

Not using Plex?

Like many cord cutters you probably have a huge stash of movies, music, and recorded TV shows that are just taking up space. With Plex you can easily add these to your server to be accessed from anywhere on any device!

Start organizing and cleaning up your media with Plex! Create your own media server that you can use anywhere at anytime! With Plex your content is always available.

So how does it work?

With Plex, you simply need to install and run the Plex media server on any computer. Simply copy the content (movies, music, ect.) to that same PC and add those media libraries within Plex.

Plex will do the rest for you! For example Plex can add cataloging, adding artwork, and info to your media files and the best part is that Plex does this automatically!

Once you have your media library setup and Plex running you simply need to install the Plex app on any device including that of the Amazon Fire devices. No matter where you are you can access your Plex media files so that they can be streamed virtually anywhere!

Now that Plex has added Plex live TV you are surely to get a better streaming experience using the Plex media server. The Plex live TV can be accessed from the same app thus making this media server one of the best on the market! Take your streaming experience to the next level by using Plex!

For more information about Plex and what it has to offer simply head over to their website for more information.

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